How one income families can earn money and cut expenses at home

One Income Families: At-Home Income

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Earn Money Working From Home

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See if one of these work-at-home job opportunities might be right for you.

How to Avoid Work-at-Home Scams

Rebecca Faill

While there are legitimate telecommuting jobs available, they are rare. The work-at-home jobs listed in the classifieds are usually not the real thing. Here are some common swindles of which to be cautious.

Why You Need to Start a Daycare

Fiona Lohrenz

It is possible to stay home with your kids and replace your income whilst cutting your expenses by starting your own home daycare. The benefits are immense and immediate. Quality family time becomes a given. You control your days and make your rules. You are active and having fun, doing something worthwhile to all concerned. For the right person, it's a wonderful situation.

The Convincing Telecommuter

contributed by TH

Maybe you want to stay home with your kids, and save time and money on commuting and office wear, but what's in it for your boss? How can you convince your boss to let you become a telecommuter? Here are some points you can lay out before your boss.

5 Tips for Working at Home with Kids

Susie Cortright

You can stay at home with your children while still advancing in your career. So how do you make it work? Here are a few tips.


Robert Thoelen, III

My wife stays home with my children. Because we are a one-income family, I started a business that I can work on from my home. It is a software development/consulting business that I work on after-hours from my day job. Here is how we made it work.

Working at Home with a Toddler

contributed by Charisse

I have been in business for myself since 1991 and have enjoyed the rewards of being a stay-at-home mom at the same time. Here are the ways that I made it work with both my kids.

Life is flexible. Is your job?
Find flexible work at

Renovation for Profit

Meredith Pelham

If you are a mom looking for a way to come home, renovation for a profit can be a valuable means of making money. Here are the keys to making this strategy work for you.

Single Mom Income

TDS Reader Solutions

Are you a single mother looking for ways to be able to stay home with your children? Here are tips and ideas from other TDS single moms who have made it work.

One Income Beats Two

Joanne Watson

If one income isn't enough to pay the bills, many women will go to work when they would rather be home. A better solution is to help your husband make more money. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Single Work-at-Home Moms

contributed by Eve

Are you a single mother who would like to stay at home with your children? Working all day and sending them to daycare may not allow you to raise them the way you would like. Here are some tips for becoming a single work-at-home mom."

If circumstances have put your family in debt, find out how to conquer your debt by creating a plan personalized to your family's budget and lifestyle.

Single Income Living

Gary Foreman

Many families wrestle with the question as to how they can allow mom to stay home with the kids when dad's paycheck does not quite cover the living expenses. And it really has two levels. We'll take a look at the financial side of the question. Then we'll discuss the woman's career and child development issues.

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