Tips for transitioning from a two-income to a one-income family

One Income Families: From Two Incomes to One

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7 Steps to Becoming a Stay-at-Home Parent

Gary Foreman

Maximize your chances at success before you make the leap.

Confessions of a One Income Family

Marianne Giullian

It is becoming more and more challenging to raise a family on one income in a two-income world. We have chosen to focus on reducing our expenses instead of trying to increase our income. We have tried doing these 14 things to help us accomplish this goal.

Be Prepared to Quit Your Job

Steven Lohrenz

I recently left my job to go out on my own for the first time. I've been working towards this point for a while, but here's an overview of how I got to the point where I could become a quitter and how you can do the same.

The Convincing Telecommuter

contributed by TH

Maybe you want to stay home with your kids, and save time and money on commuting and office wear, but what's in it for your boss? How can you convince your boss to let you become a telecommuter? Here are some points you can lay out before your boss.

Going from Two Incomes to One

Lucynda Koesters

A decision to transition from two incomes to one begins with a detailed examination of household finances. There will be ways to cut expenses, live on less, or live differently. Keep in mind that it is not how much money you earn, it's how much you spend, and how much you mange to keep, that will determine how successful you will be.

Everyday Savings

contributed by Mary

This mom is on a mission to stay home with her kids. These are the stpes she takes to save money to reach her goal.

A Decision to Stay Home

Monica Resinger

Even though I was afraid of not having enough money to live on, I made the decision to quit my job on the good faith of my abilities to cut back or drop my spending habits, and to save money in every possible situation I could. If you're a working mother that yearns to be home raising your children, here are some valuable lessons I learned from my experience.

Making the Transition to At-Home Mom

Shelly Burke

Perhaps you're hoping to make the transition from working full-time outside of your home to working part-time, or staying home full-time. With the commitment of yourself and your husband, you can be home with your family! Here's how.

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A 6 Month Stay-at-Home Mom Plan

Scott W. Danger, CPA

If you're looking for an easy answer to staying at home, this isn't it. But if you're willing to work hard and make some trade-offs, staying home with your kids can become a reality. Here is a six month stay-at-home mom plan to help you realize your goal.

Route to One Income

contributed by LB

After many chats, my huisband and I decided we wanted me to be home with our kids and that we would have to change our way of life. This is how we tightened the money belt and made it happen.

Leaving a Crazy Lifestyle Behind

Lucynda Koesters

For two income families looking to make a transition to one income, one family who made it happen advises you do these things in order to be successful.

If circumstances have put your family in debt, find out how to conquer your debt by creating a plan personalized to your family's budget and lifestyle.

Retire Early! One Income Family Plans for Financial Independence

Lucynda Koesters

One Income Decision

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