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One Income Families: Saving Money

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Redefining Work

Lisa Palmi

Because our family is feeling the effects of rising prices, I have gotten more aggressive at looking for deals and cutting back. I don't believe the answer to our family's financial strain is for me to get a job, or should I say a second job. I realize there could come a point where I need to seek outside work, but I have decided to do everything in my power to not add that strain to our family.

Living on One Income

contributed by Cathy in Australia

Saving money actually comes down to what your personal priorities are and where you want to spend your money. Would you rather take longer to "receive your stuff," travel and invest than to have the newest sofa on the market? If you want to afford to stay at home with your kids, try these tips.

Everyday Savings

contributed by Mary

Although I have a part-time side business, my main job is raising our two elementary-age kids. I am determined to remain available to them as a full-time mom. Therefore, I am on a mission to save, save, save on everything, especially groceries. Here's what I do to create everyday savings.

Money-Saving Tips from a Single Parent

contributed by Mindy

She raised two kids on her own and got by finanically. Here are her tips on how she managed to provide for her kids on one income.

Maintaining the One-Income Lifestyle

Lucynda Koesters

It not easy, but it is possible for a family to live on one income even in today's "everybody works" two-income world. If you are just starting out in your adult life and think that someday you might want to have a family with the "luxury" of a stay-at-home parent, plan for it now. Here's how.

Single Parent Finances

Teresa Randall

Saving money out of necessity is no different than saving money for a vacation, newer car, or home. You must simply spend less than you bring in each month. As a former single mom for more than six years, I have much experience with saving money out of necessity.

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Single Stay-at-Home Parent

Gary Foreman

So is it possible for a single parent to get by financially without working? Probably not. Studies indicate that financial problems are one of the biggest hurdles for single parents. But here is how you can find out for sure.

Stay-at-Home Grandma

contributed by Colleen

My husband is retired and I quit my job 4 years ago to stay at home with my newborn grandson whom we are adopting. Here are some of the things we do to make ends meet on a single retirement income.

Advice from a Stay-at-Home Mom

Ann MacNeil

A stay-at-home mom shares some of the things they do in her family to help stay within their budget. As a stay-at-home mom, she is always looking for ways to stretch their dollars instead of making more dollars.

Single Income Living: A More Traditional Lifestyle

Rebecca Cook

The biggest help in single income living is both parents being committed to one parent staying home with the children. It takes being very tight on money and putting family as more important than having extra comforts and entertainment. Here are some money-saving steps you can take to make it work.

One Income Family

R.K. Relaford

Here are some suggestions for those who want to live on one income, but are afraid to. These are the main things our family did. Many of these ideas came from books. They have been adapted to our lifestyles, but I highly recommend these books for those who want to live on one income.

If circumstances have put your family in debt, find out how to conquer your debt by creating a plan personalized to your family's budget and lifestyle.

Single Income Living: Shop Like the 1950's

contributed by L.P.

12 Secrets to a Single Income Success

Ruth Demitroff

Living On One Income

Gary Foreman

Our One Income Family

Christine Johnson

It's tough raising kids today!
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One Mom, No Dad and Lots of Debt

TDS Reader Solutions

A Stay at Home Mom's Story

Beth McGee

Our One Income Experience

Tina Shake

Making It As a One Income Family

Ellen Ferlazzo

Our Reduced Income Experience

Ann Lewis

6 Years, One Income

contributed by M.S.

A Single Mom's Financial Advice

Rebecca Stuck

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