Don't get buried under a pile of books or papers! Try these tips for staying organized

Organization: Books & Papers

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Write This Down

Rich Finzer

Everyone should start and maintain a household logbook. A household logbook and your old owner's manuals are at least as valuable as the items they will help you maintain or repair.

Organize Clutter in Your Financial Life


The solution to an unorganized financial life is setting up a good filing system and knowing how long to keep the financial records you put in it. Here's how you can organize that financial clutter.

An Organized Life

Qin Tang

See how one dollar stretcher uses three-ring binders to keep her life organized and to help hers kids stay organized.

Affordable, Attractive Document Storage

TDS Reader Solutions

If you have limited space for document storage, you might need to opt for storing it in plain sight. Here are some affordable, yet attractive ideas for storing documents in a living room or family room.

Get Organized

National Association of Professional Organizers

Getting organized now and erasing those piles of paper can help to ease the stress of tax time next year. Having all of your documents scanned and filed electronically will make them easy to find and submit. And you'll also have peace of mind knowing that you now have a safe, secure electronic copy of your most important files.

How to Arrange Bookshelves

Kathy Wilson

Arranging bookshelves to look like a stylish detail in your home instead of a stuffy library takes a little insight and practice. But it's a valuable skill for home decorators, as almost all homes have shelving of some kind that can benefit from a few design principles to keep from getting the stiff soldier look.

How to Easily Organize Your Bills

Joey Shanley

Easy-to-follow steps that will not only help you to pay your bills on time, but will also help you de-clutter your life.

The Great Papers Debate

Jim Lange

Here are some tips to help develop a filing system that is easy to use. If your system is too complicated, you won't keep it up. Once you're organized, you will be thrilled with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have all of your important documents organized and that they are ready any time you need them.

Being Organized Can Save You Money

Jan Hayner

Do you know if the warranty on your dishwasher is still in effect? Have you had something repaired on the car and you think you may have had it replaced last year, but you're not really sure? Taking the time to organize your purchases, warranties, and agreements can save you a lot of money and a lot of aggravation.

Organizing Photos and Negatives

TDS Reader Solutions

Ending the Paperwork Nightmare

Maria Gracia

3 Simple Filing Guidelines

Maria Gracia

Don't Throw Away Your Identity

Edward W. Stollery II


TDS Reader Solutions

Getting Organized With Index Cards

Maria Gracia

Tips to Organize and Simplify Bill Paying

Maria Gracia

Keeping Your Papers Organized

TDS Reader Solutions

7 Ways to Get Organized on a Budget

Maria Gracia

Conquering The Paper Piles In Your Home

Janet M. Taylor

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