With these tips, you actually can keep your kids and their stuff organized!

Organizing Kids' Spaces

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Convincing Kids to Get Rid of Toys

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If your child's room has become over run with toys because they never want to part with anything, use these tips to help them sort through the clutter and get rif of some things.

7 Ways to Help Kids Get Organized

Monica Ricci

Some people are born with strong organization skills, but if you (or your kids) weren't, you can begin to get organized any time you want to. Here are seven ways to help your kids get organized. Once you've done that, try them in other areas of your home too!

Storing Kid's Stuff

Marlene Alexander

Anyone who has ever raised a kid or any number of kids knows that it is an ongoing struggle to get them to keep their rooms tidy. We supply them with hampers and hangers only to have dirty clothes tossed in the general direction of the intended receptacle and clean clothes piled in a crumpled heap in the middle of the floor. Here are some colorful options from the dollar store that may help to inspire neatness in little ones.

5 Cheap Storage Solutions for Kids' Rooms

Kathy Wilson

Storage in kids' rooms is one of the biggest dilemmas for those decorating their homes on a budget. Organizing your child's room will go a long way towards creating a comfortable place for them to call home. And it doesn't have to be expensive!

Organize Your Children and Save Your Sanity

Gregory Thomas

Organizing your own personal belongings can be a daunting task in itself. However, if you're also trying to take care of all your children's things, it can be an overwhelming, impossible task. Here are some ideas to help organize your children's plethora of gadgets, toys, clothes, games, and whatever else may be piled up on the closet floor or under the bed.

Classroom Storage Ideas

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Hey teachers! TDS reader's give their money-saving ideas for organizing and decorating a classroom on a budget.

Organize Your Child's Room

Paula Eichermuller

Are you constantly tripping over books, clothes, and toys in your childs room? When you ask them to clean their room, does everything get shoved under the bed? If the answer is yes then it is time to attack the clutter and get their room in order. A well thought out plan of attack will unclutter and organize your childs room once and for all.

12 Tips For Helping Disorganized Children

Gail Miller

If your child suffers with poor planning abilities, impulsive behaviour and disorganization, it might often seem like the most difficult job in the world to keep them on the right track. However the following tips might just alleviate some of the problems frustrated parents find with these kids, and help the children themselves cope better with the everyday tasks and routines that are expected of them.

Chore Charts

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TDS reader's share their ideas on chore charts that will help get kids organized and improve their productivity.

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