Keeping up with the clutter might feel like a daunting task but these tips will help!

Organization: Eliminating Clutter

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Why Empty Nesters Should Declutter Their Homes

Gary Foreman

If you're a baby boomer who has recently empty nested, consider decluttering your home. You might find that you'll save both time and money. Plus, you might find a new joy in living in an uncluttered home!

How Much Is Clutter Costing You?

Joel Fink

How much do you think your clutter is costing you? It's easy to accumulate a lot of stuff over time. But, did you know that all of that stuff can be doing more than just cluttering your personal space? It can be damaging your finances. Here are seven ways that decluttering your life can also improve your finances.

When Empty Nesters Reorganize and Declutter Their Home

Gary Foreman

For years, your refrigerator was covered with pictures and closets were full of Legos, Beany Babies, and too small children's clothes. But now it's time for the empty nesters to reorganize and declutter their home. Here is some help to find the best way to organize your empty nest home.

Is Clutter Costing You?


"Clear away junk" is one of the most touted pieces of advice for those of us seeking a more frugal life. Doing so helps us make better use of things we have, while avoiding the accumulation of things we don't want or need. If you're looking to save money, take time to go through your stuff. Chances are you're dedicating more money and space to managing your stuff than you think.

Costly Clutter

Rebecca Rogge

Excessive amounts of stuff weighs you down, stresses you out, and costs you, in both time and money. You may think your frugality is enough to protect you from getting weighed down by unnecessary belongings, but think again. Analyze your belongings, and be on the lookout for these common circumstances contributing to junk collecting in even the most frugal household.

Downsizing without Guilt

Shaunna Privratsky

The next time you realize you are holding onto unused objects or furniture out of a sense of obligation to the past, just let go. Erase the guilt by preserving your memories in scrapbooks, photo albums and shadowboxes. You will eliminate the clutter, both in your home and in your heart.

The Cost of Clutter

Jill Cooper

For some of us, instead of focusing on getting out of debt or losing weight, we need to first give more serious thought to becoming organized. Does that sound crazy, almost laughable? Before you start laughing too hard, look at these examples and see if you can relate.

Confessions of an Ex-Packrat

contributed by Sher

Since the collection of furniture, appliances, hobby materials, books, tools, and other consumer goods was enormous when I began to whittle it down, I was often petrified about where to start so it seemed reasonable to set a small goal. I decided my first "rule" would be to throw out one item each and every day. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

Dejunking Your Home

TDS Reader Solutions

If you need to de-junk your home, why not make a bit of cash from it? Here are some tips to help you decide what is worth the effort to sell and what to donate or truly junk.

Fun With Reverse Shopping

This Old Housewife

Reverse shopping is taking something from the home and returning it to a shop (thrift store or yard sale) because it no longer fills a need and you want the space it occupies returned to you. It's a great way of de-cluttering and having some fun with friends without the emotional attachment of acknowledging each individual possession. It can also mean a new source of income, depending on how empty the "spare bedroom" becomes.

Undecorate: Clearing the Clutter Before You Redecorate

Melissa Tosetti

Help! My House is a Disaster!

TDS Reader Solutions

Stuff! Lessons from a Packrat Gone Simple

Beth Hering

Beating the Hidden Costs of Excess "Stuff"

Holly Ordway

The Art of Down-Sizing

contributed by Patricia Nixon

Don't Get Bit by the Clutterbug!

Maria Gracia

Clutter Stole Her Life

Pam Magouirk

Helping A Pack Rat Get Organized

Maria Gracia

Can You Answer Clutter's Big Questions?

Nita Jackson

Clutter Solutions

TDS Reader Solutions

The 6 Costs of Clutter

Heather Hemingway

Organized to Save

Bonnie Rice

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