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When Empty Nesters Reorganize and Declutter Their Home

Gary Foreman

For years, your refrigerator was covered with pictures and closets were full of Legos, Beany Babies, and too small children's clothes. But now it's time for the empty nesters to reorganize and declutter their home. Here is some help to find the best way to organize your empty nest home.

11 Shortcuts to Organize your Life and Save Money This Year


Are you resolving to finally get organized in the new year? Or to start saving a little money? You can make it happen. And it doesn't have to be hard. Here are a few shortcuts to organize your life and save money.

6 Ways to Organize Your Home in the New Year


Top on everyone's list in the new year: Get organized. Here are six tips from pros who know how to make organization easy and beautiful without spending a fortune.

6 Cheap Home Organizing Ideas

Alison Wood

It's exciting when we get an overwhelming desire to get rid of clutter and organize our home, but buying organizational helps for your home can be very expensive. It doesn't have to happen that way. With a little of creativity, you can organize your home on the cheap. Check out these creative ideas to get you started creating a clean and organized home.

Organize and Save

Loralee Leavitt

Whether you're organizing your papers, your clothes, your pantry, or anything else in your house, you'll be glad you did. You'll know what you have and what you need. Most importantly, if you invest a little time to set up your storage system, you'll end up saving yourself hours later on. And, as they say, time is money.

10 Easy Ways to Get Organized

Jill Cooper

Tired of living in a mess? Organization is key to a happy and productive life. Here are some easy ways to help you get organized.

The Container Theory of Life

Anne Heerdt

Your home feels so good when things fit where they belong and you can find them. Your space and stuff is functional. Try this. Open one drawer, cupboard, or purse that is overflowing and difficult to close. Clean it out of everything you don't need or does not belong. Then shut the drawer, close the door or pick up the purse. Imagine if your whole house felt like that!

Simple Organization

contributed by Anonymous

Here is a list of simple tasks to do on a daily or weekly basis to keep your life organized, such as keeping a running grocery list, planning a menu, deciding what to wear the night before, and preparing lunches the night before.

10-Minute Tasks

Nancy Twigg

Many parents use the excuse that they are too busy to make any extra effort to live frugally. But even those of us who are the busiest can find an extra ten minutes here and there if we look hard enough for it. Here are five quickie organization tasks you can do anytime that will help your family save money.

An Organized Home

Debbie Williams

One of the key rules in organizing and decorating is to utilize vertical space. Often, we place furniture around the room with nothing above it, forming a nice horizontal line. There is a ton of unclaimed storage and visually appealing space right above the furniture line!

Handbag Chaos

TDS Reader Solutions

TDS readers share their tips on organizing and de-cluttering their handbags.

Organizing A to Z

Maria Gracia

Organizing really can be as easy as A-B-C. Here are 26 organizing ideas--one for each letter of the alphabet.

Can't Afford to Get Organized!

Karen Jogerst

Is getting organized affordable? Absolutely! All it takes is one small container of creativity coupled with the permission you give yourself to manage your home in a way that makes sense to you! Besides, getting organized is always cheaper than having to get one of Junior's Legos surgically removed from the bottom of his father's foot!

7 Ways to Get Organized on a Budget

Maria Gracia

Getting organized does not have to be an expensive task. You may think that you have to go out and purchase all sorts of organizing baskets, bins, holders and cabinets. But, the truth is, organizing is a process, not a product. It takes skill, application and motivation. And yes, tools certainly help--but there are many frugal ways of getting and staying organized, without breaking the bank.

The Benefits of Organization

Doris Dobkins

There are many areas to focus on when getting organized. Your time needs to be organized. So does your money, your home, your family your kitchen cupboards and your mail, just to name a few. It can seem overwhelming at times, but getting organized will do wonders. Try it and see!

Steps to a More Organized Home

TDS Reader Solutions

"My resolution is to become more organized in my home and shopping. The problem is I have so much "stuff" I don't know where to begin. I can't find things, go out and buy it only to discover it was behind something. I would appreciate any and all tips and suggestions on where to begin and how to enlist the help of my children."

Can You Answer Clutter's Big Questions?

Nita Jackson

Shoestring Solutions to Organization Problems

Debbie Williams

The Importance of Organizational Skills

Jacqueline McLaughlin Hale

Organizing Laundry

TDS Reader Solutions

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