Tips for getting organized when you have a limited amount of storage space

Organization and Small Spaces

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5 Ways to Live in Small Spaces

Natalie Zarrelli

Living in a tiny space can be difficult. However, a small living space can be easily and cheaply used to your advantage. The more creative you are, the easier it is to enjoy your time in a tiny living space.

Need a Bigger Home?

Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Is your family growing but the budget's shrinking? Start maximizing space without buying a new home or building an expensive addition onto your house. Here's how.

We Need Storage

TDS Reader Solutions

TDS readers share their experiences creating storage space for a small house. Whether you have a tiny kitchen or very small closets, these tips may help.

Creative Storage Solutions

TDS Reader Solutions

Too much stuff and not enough storage? These creative storage solutions will help you store more stuff in less space.

Finding Storage Space

Nikki Willhite

Finding adequete storage space in your home can be a challenge but you have more storage space in your home than you know. Take a closer look and you will find it!. Here are some space-saving solutions for storing items in your home.

Lessons from Grandma

Debbie Williams

I thought I was pretty good at home organization, until I met my husband's Grandmother who lives in a very small space. Luckily for me, she has shared these tips with me so that I can pass them on to my clients and readers.

Micro-Space Storage

Nita Jackson

We're not talking about futuristic living in outer space but living in a small space on earth! These ideas can help you stay organized when space is limited.

3 Kids & 2 Adults in 3 Rooms

TDS Reader Solutions

If you have a bigger family in a smaller house, these tips might work for you.

How to Furnish a Studio Apartment: Part One

Michael G. Allen

Studio apartment living has its advantages (there is less area to clean!), but it also has its downside when it comes to storage. Studio apartments (and many college dorms) pose a particular problem due to the fact that all household functions are limited to one room. Here are some unique solutions for studio apartment living.

How to Furnish a Studio Apartment: Part Two

Michael G. Allen

This continuation of tips for studio apartment living will tackle two other storage options - move it or store it in plain sight.

Moving to a Smaller House

TDS Reader Solutions

Need to move into a smaller space? Here are some tips for consolidating all of that stuff you own so that it can fit into the new space.

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