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Organization: Frugal Storage Solutions

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Space Saving Ideas

Sharon Robinson

The first place to start when looking to save space is to make an honest and thorough assessment of what you really wish to keep. A lack of space is a common problem with numerous solutions. Which of these solutions you choose to use will be based on your own unique requirements.

15 Ways to Use Prescription Bottles to Store Things

contributed by Diva

Empty prescription bottles can be re-purposed in some pretty useful ways. After removing the labels and washing and drying them thoroughly, try some of these storage ideas.

De-Cluttering Solutions

Kim Cosentino

When you "contain" items, instead of having them all over your flat surfaces, you make your disorganized space look uncluttered. Inevitably any empty basket, bowl or dish will collect all kinds of stuff. That is why every container in your home should have a specific purpose or theme. Here are a few handy ideas for organization containers to help you get organized.

Frugal Storage Solutions

Amy Allen Clark

The time for cleaning and organizing is upon us as we approach that lovely time of renewal in our homes. You will notice that the stores recognize this season too, as the time for sales on expensive organizers occurs. There is a cheaper alternative to organizing than just buying new items. Here are a few inexpensive alternatives.

Organizing on the Cheap

Mary Moss

Organizing using a pocket shoe organizer is a great way to create storage space behind a closet door or bedroom door, even in a pantry, laundry room, children's rooms, utility or mud room and even by the front door in the foyer.

We Need Storage

TDS Reader Solutions

TDS readers share their experiences on creating storage space in a small house.

The Real Cost of Storage Units

Marianne Giullian

Storage units are convenient, yet very costly. Before renting a unit, ask yourself these questions.

The Many Costs of Storage

contributed by Shelly Burke

I realize that sometimes storage is a convenient option for items that aren't needed "right now" or for unwanted items. However, before putting items in storage, I encourage people to think about the hidden costs of storage.

Dollar Store Storage Solutions

Marlene Alexander

September is the unofficial Stow-It Month. If you're one of a growing number of people that are weeding out, giving away, selling off and otherwise de-cluttering, rock on! But, unless you've taken a vow of poverty, you'll want to keep a good many of your possessions, and if you're looking for ways to organize and store them, the dollar store can help.

Uses for Resealable Bags

contributed by Elohisa

Resealable bags can be great for storage. See if any of these ideas would make a good storage solution for you.

Creative Storage Solutions

TDS Reader Solutions

Too much stuff and not enough storage? TDS readers share their best creative storage solutions.

Organized Craft Supplies

Rachel Paxton

If you're a weekend crafter like me, you probably have a lot of crafting odds and ends lying around. They get all jumbled together depending on what project you're working on at the moment. Hopefully these ideas will help you get in the mood to start organizing your own craft and sewing supplies. It's so much more enjoyable to work on projects when you know what you have and where everything is.

Finding Storage Space

Nikki Willhite

Finding adequete storage space in your home can be a challenge. Here are some creative solutions for storing items in your home.

Cheaper Storage

TDS Reader Solutions

Are you looking for inexpensive alternatives for stashing household goods? TDS readers share their ideas for storing your items.

Blanket Storage

Susan Beth

Here is a creative way of storing bulky blankets in off months by turning them into pillows! Floor pillows, throw pillows, heap of pillows in the corner reading nest pillows. Instead of filling up your linen closet, they now are useful year round.

Classroom Storage Ideas

TDS Reader Solutions

Organizing and Decorating with Baskets

TDS Reader Solutions

Finding Frugal Storage Solutions

Nita Jackson

Micro-Space Storage

Nita Jackson

Cheap Storage Solutions

Kim Tilley

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