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Frugally Fun Kids' Parties

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Hosting a Cheap Summer Ice Cream Buffet

Lauren Romano

A party with all the toppings!

4 Summer Kids Party Ideas

Katrina Wharton

Summer birthday parties can be fun without busting your budget. Most needed items can be found at home or at a dollar store. Here are some low cost party ideas. The budget is based on supplies for ten guests; figure food costs separately.

Boy's Duck Dynasty Party

TDS Reader Solutions

"My soon-to-be 11-year-old loves "Duck Dynasty." He wants it to be the theme for his birthday party. We live in the suburbs, so going on a real hunting or fishing trip isn't going to happen. Does anyone have some ideas on how to get the Duck Dynasty feel without dissecting frogs in my kitchen?"

Games for an 8 Year Old Girl's Birthday party

TDS Reader Solutions

"My daughter will be eight in a few months. We're planning a party for her at our home. We'll invite all the children in her class. I need some ideas for great games for the party. Can anyone suggest games that an eight-year-old girl and her friends will love?"

Kids' Birthday Party Games

TDS Reader Solutions

"I'm looking for some good kids' birthday party games. We've promised both our son who's eight and our daughter who's six a birthday party this year. To keep the costs down, we want to have home parties. I've noticed that the best home parties seem to always have a good party game or two. Can anyone suggest some birthday party games that my kids will enjoy?"

Throwing a Successful Child's Birthday Party

Sara Reid

All parties are not created equal, and you don't want your child's party to be the lamest one all year. Whether you are planning a sweet 16 or planning a bash for your child's fifth birthday, you want the gathering to be fun and memorable. Here are some simple tips to help you throw a party that all the guests are sure to enjoy.

7 Ways to Save on Your Kid's Birthday Party


If riding in a limousine, forking out big bucks at a game center, renting two ponies or hiring a magician don't fit into the budget for your child's next birthday party, you're not alone. Here are some ideas to get you started on a back-to-basics birthday party.

Inexpensive and Fun Toddler Birthday Party Ideas!

TDS Reader Solutions

If you need a great idea for a toddler's birthday party, you're sure to find one here.

Come to the Birthday Party!

Susan Sundwall

Uh, oh. You just flipped the calendar and it popped out at you. Your ten-year-old child's birthday is coming. You didn't exactly forget, but you haven't planned anything either. Now what? Don't sweat it. Here are three birthday party ideas kids will love.

How to Throw an Affordable Birthday Party

Kelly Richards

Throw a fun, frugal party for that special child!

Birthday Party On The Cheap

contributed by HubSub Urban Mom

Follow this plan to host a "Beary Special Friend" party for far less money than hosting a party at one of those build-your-own-animal places in the mall.

The Great Loot Bag Debate

Marlene Alexander

Some view loot bags as simply a "pay-off" to partygoers who come bearing gifts for the birthday boy or girl. While this may be true to some extent, wouldn't it be better to think of loot bags as a simple "thank-you for coming?" And, wouldn't it be better still if the loot bags and their contents could continue to entertain long after the last balloon has popped and did not cost a small fortune?

A Great Birthday Party

Debbie Swanson

Your child's birthday party is on the horizon. It is an exciting time for a child, but also a time when parents' best intentions to save time and money are often thwarted. These tips will help trim the party cost, while still providing a fun, memorable event for your child.

Children's Art Birthday Party

contributed by Lorraine

Low on cash and need some help planning a child's birtday party? Lorraine shares her experience of hosting an inexpensive Art Party.

Blow Out the Candles, Not Your Budget!

Kimberly Danger

Birthday parties are even bigger and more expensive today than ever before, and a frugal mom may feel defeated before she even puts her guest list together. However, the real focus of your child's party should be spending time and having fun with friends and family, which doesn't have to cost a lot. Here are some suggestions to keep the budget down, while turning up the fun.

Basic Training

contributed by DG

Both of my dear children have birthdays within a few days of each other. They each wanted their own party. We hadn't had birthday parties last year, so we decided to splurge this year. I would take the youngest and her two best friends to a buffet lunch and a movie. Here is a story of what one Mom learned from two birthday parties.

A Backwards Birthday

contributed by Jane

What if you finished at the start? One of my themed parties for my daughter, when she was about 8 years old, was a back to front party. For this, I thought up every idea I could for a traditional British Birthday party and skewed them. In the days before goody bags, we used to take a piece of birthday cake home with us, wrapped in a party napkin. For this Back to Front event, I handed the guests a piece of wrapped cake as they stepped in through the door, and asked them to piece the cake back together on the plate.

Birthday Bashes on a Budget

Nancy Twigg

It's your little one's big day. Are you afraid that you will have to spend a fortune to make it special? If so, here is some good news for you. You can plan a magnificent party for your child's birthday without breaking the bank. Planning a birthday bash on a budget generally requires two things: creativity and a little extra effort in pulling it all together. Try these suggestions for combining the two.

Overly Expensive Kids Birthday Parties

TDS Reader Solutions

"In the area where we live, upscale, over-the-top birthdays are the norm! My daughter was invited to one last year that included a visit to Build a Bear for ten girls, followed by a trip to the Rainforest Cafe. Must have been over $400! How do I handle the fact that we can't/won't/don't want to reciprocate on this grand and lavish scale?" TDS readers give their advice on how to reduce the cost of expensive kids birthday parties.

Happy Birthdays on a Budget

Miriam Reed

Birthdays are special because they are a celebration of the greatest gift you will ever receive, which is your child. Remember, birthdays are supposed to be fun, not stressful. Here are some ideas to make your child's birthday more special, not just more expensive.

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A Frugal Party to the MAX!

contributed by Mary

The $18 Birthday Party

contributed by Lana

Bargain Party Fit for a Pharaoh

Stephanie Olsen

Theme Parties!

Roberta P.

Kids' Party Favors

TDS Reader Solutions

It's tough raising kids today!
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Barney Toddler Birthday Party

TDS Reader Solutions

Create a Party

Maxine Sprague

A Fourth of July Birthday

Kim Tilley

A Fun and Frugal $20 Birthday Party

Dawn Adam

Frugal Kids Birthday Parties

Gary Foreman

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