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Family Reunion Food

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"My family is hosting our family reunion weekend this year. Each family contributes, so we have a small budget for games and food. Can anyone suggest ideas for food that everyone will like and won't cost a bunch? We'll have the whole weekend, so I need to plan two full days' worth of meals."

Handling an Over-Priced Family Reunion

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"How do people handle over-priced family reunions? My immediate family had a summertime family reunion. It was at an expensive resort with expensive amusement parks and attractions nearby for the kids. As a mom in a one-income family, we can't afford this level of vacation, while my siblings (dual-incomes) seemingly can. I felt pressured and angered that I was forced into spending money, and subsequently did not enjoy this vacation. How do other people handle these delicate situations?"

Planning a Family Reunion on a Shoestring

Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

If you plan ahead, you can host a budget-conscious family reunion that everyone is sure to fondly remember. If you don't have the yard space to invite everyone to your home, consider using a public park that has restrooms and a playground nearby. Most are free. Ask attendees to bring lawn chairs and parts of the meal, such as a dessert, side dish or appetizer.

Family Reunion Fun

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"Our family is planning a family reunion and we need some ideas beyond a potluck and softball/volleyball games. About 100 would attend and it would be in a rural area and would take place in June or July. It would be most likely a one day event. Any ideas?"

Family Reunion Fun Part 2

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More TDS reader tips for having a fun, economical family reunion.

Decorating for a High School Reunion

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"I would like to know if you would have any suggestions for inexpensive table decorations for small rural high school reunion? Average age above 40."

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