Controlling those pesky ants in your yard and home

Frugal Ant Control Methods

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How to Control Carpenter Ants

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"Lately I've been finding a lot of big ants around my deck and lawn shed. I'm told they're carpenter ants. Is there something I can use to get rid of them? Preferably something that's safe for my kids and our dog?"

Safe Ant Control

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"Ants are taking over my house and the backyard. I have two cats, so that's the problem with using poisons. Nothing has worked so far. Please help!"

Little Blank Ants

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"Little black ants used to make a yearly invasion at one spot in the house like the front door. I'd suck them up in the vacuum and throw some borax around the door and we were done. But not this year! Nothing has worked to get rid of them. With pets, little kids and a teenager in the house, clean floors are a five-minute memory. At least the kids kill them now instead of playing with them. Any family friendly ideas?"

Invasion of the Little Ants

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"Several years ago, we were invaded by little ants. They are everywhere. We got rid of them in one area of the house and they would show up in another. We can't leave anything out, or they attack it in force. The darn pests have been in our beds, in our computers, etc. I would appreciate any tips that will help get rid of them."

Ants Inside Your Home

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"I love the ideas for getting rid of ants outside the home, but how can I get rid of them inside the home without paying a costly exterminator, or making a mess inside my house?"

Carpenter Ants

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"Is there a safe way to get rid of carpenter ants? The County Farm Agent said to spray with kerosene! I think it would be extremely dangerous and also would make our house stink unbearably."

Ant Invasion

The Natural Handyman

"After moving into our new house in Florida in 1996, we were immediately invaded with almost microscopic Pharaoh ants. We are told that they live in the masonry; the house is constructed of concrete blocks with stucco. The ants are controlled with a boric acid paste. But, we have found nothing to eradicate them. Do you have any information on this problem?"

Getting to Know Ants

Carolyn Allen

There are many species of ants which occur in lawns and natural areas. Most ants do not require controls and are considered beneficial. Ants sometimes decide to live where humans don't want them and this is where ant management comes into play. Here are some tips for controlling ants.

Kill The Ants!

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"How do you get rid of ants out of your yard? My husband and I have tried various things and have discovered that ant "killer" is really ant "mover"! Anyone have any suggestions? We seem to be getting more and more ant hills every day. They really like our yard."

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Ask Miserly Moms: Pharoah Ants

Jonni McCoy

"Do you have an inexpensive way to get rid of those sugar ants (pharaoh ants) that are invading my kitchen and bathrooms? I've tried those gel baits and other baits and they are expensive and are not working."

All-Natural Ant Repellent

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Use these tips to get rid of ants without using harsh chemicals.

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