Ridding your yard and home of mice, rats and other rodents and mammals

Combatting Rodents and Other Fury Pests on a Budget

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Ideas for Getting Rid of Mice

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The Dollar Stretcher readers share their tips and tricks on how to get rid of mice.

Eliminating Field Mice

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"My problem with field mice is that they are in the upstairs bathroom under the sink. I have a Jacuzzi and I'm sure that's where they are coming from, but I don't know where they are getting in and why they go upstairs when all the food is downstairs? We have no basement and can't find holes around the foundation."

Humane Mouse Removal

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Even if we dislike mice, we do not necessarily want to be inhumane in our removal of them. Here are some tips to humanely remove mice from your home and yard.

New Neighbor Seeks Quiet

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"I live next door to a dog that barks at all hours, day and night. He's outdoors most of the time. The houses are very close together. I just moved here and don't know the neighbor, so I am reluctant to start complaining right off the bat about his dog. Does anyone know if those sonic dog repellant machines work? Is there anything else that would work? I am getting desperate."

Dog Repellents

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"I'm looking for something that I can spray or sprinkle on my front lawn that will repel the neighborhood dogs. I have a lot of burned circles from the urine of one particular female dog and apparently her "marking" my lawn as her latrine is attracting other dogs to urinate and defecate there as well."

Getting Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

TDS Reader Solutions

"I have a squirrel living in my attic! The professionals want almost $300 to get it out and I don't have that kind of money to spend. I have looked in the archives of your website, but I can't find any inexpensive ways to get rid of the unwanted visitor. Any suggestions?"

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Humane Mouse Removal

TDS Reader Solutions

"I've got mice in my garage. As I have to store car seats, kid toys, and other things I don't want doused with mouse wastes, I'm looking for a way to drive them out, short of getting a garage cat. Any "scarecrows" or other non-lethal ways of driving them off?"

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