Ridding your yard and home of snakes, lizards and other reptiles

Frugal Reptile Pest Control Methods

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Getting Rid of Snakes

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"When my husband went into the attic, he found several black snake skins! Therefore, the attic was cleaned out in the spring. Recently, my husband and a friend went into the attic to see if they could find where the snakes were getting in, and they found a live snake. While they were up there, they counted at least nine black snake skins. How can we get rid of them and know they are gone?"

Controlling Lizards

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"On my patio, I have a problem with lizards that live in my artificial trees and behind a thermometer. I have tried many times to get them out, but they are much faster than I am. They make such a mess on my patio (even my table). They also live in or around my gas grill. An ideas on how to get rid of them?"

Getting Rid of Snakes

TDS Reader Solutions

"We moved in our current house on a grassy hill (in Silicon Valley, CA) last September, and was invaded by two garden snakes within two weeks this October. I have small children, one of them is ten months old, and I hate snakes. Anyone could please help out with solutions to keep them out of my garden and house, so we can enjoy our lives?"

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