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Cutting Cat Care Costs

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The Costs of Adding a Cat to the Family

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Mom wants to make sure they can afford a cat. 5 Cat Essentials You Can DIY

Adam Dwyer

Having a cat in your family is a 20-year personal and financial commitment. But, having one doesn't have to be expensive if you are able to save on the necessary consumables for your furry friend. Here are five DIY ways to save money on these everyday items.

Home Remedies for Cat Hairballs

TDS Reader Solutions

Are you looking for natural ways to prevent, minimize, or treat for hairballs that does not require special costly food or medication from the vet? TDS readers' share their tips and tricks.

DIY Kitty Trees & Condos

TDS Reader Solutions

"We'd like to have a kitty condo for our cat, but they're all so expensive! Most of them are $75 and up! They don't look that complicated. Is it possible that we could make a do-it-yourself kitty tree or condo?"

Kitty Condos for Less

Shaunna Privratsky

Owning kitties and nice furniture don't usually mix well. One solution is providing a kitty condo that the cats can scratch and climb on, leaving your furniture alone. Yet the cost at pet stores and even discount stores is staggering. Don't spend a fortune! Instead, use these creative solutions to make your own kitty condo.

Cheaper Kitty Litter

TDS Reader Solutions

"We just added a kitten to our family. My question is about kitty litter. I understand that some litters are better than others and some of the best kitty litters are pretty expensive. How do I select the best litter for odor control, convenience, and price? And aggravation?"

How To Make a Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post

Tommy Catman

This step-by-step tutorial outlines the materials you'll need and the steps to take to make your cat his own cat scratching post.

Cheaper Kitty Litter: Alternatives to Expensive Scoopable Cat Litter

TDS Reader Solutions

"Does anyone have any money-saving tips on kitty litter? We use the scoopable kind (which we like), but it gets expensive. Any suggestions?"

Love Your Cat

Cheri Baker

For those of us who love them, owning a cat can be one of life's most rewarding experiences. Owning a cat can also be expensive, particularly if she requires veterinary care. To keep your cat care expenses low, consider some of the these strategies.

Uncontrolled Cat Chewing

TDS Reader Solutions

"We have several cats. A couple of them like to chew through wires. My husband installed a new set of speakers for his computer a week ago, and the wires have already been chewed through four times! Do you have any ideas on how to stop this (short of getting rid of the cat)?"

Save on your pet's medications at 1-800-PetMeds.

Homemade Cat Food

TDS Reader Contributors

"I have three cats and found that I am spending a lot of money on pet food. Does anyone have a recipe for cooking my own dry food?"

Cat Clawing Crisis

TDS Reader Solutions

"I have three cats and two old couches that are shredded. We just bought 2 new loveseats for our living room. Does anyone have a homemade solution to deter our cats away from these couches or a really good product to buy that actually works?"

Your Feline Companion

W.R. Shaw

Who can resist that kitten on the doorstep? But taking proper care of her often costs more than we expect. Some aspects of cat care, such as high quality food, and routine vaccinations, should never be compromised. But there is no need to fall victim to the outrageous cost of cat toys to keep your new companion happy and entertained. Try these cost saving measures.

Save on your pet's medications at 1-800-PetMeds.

Eliminating Kitty Litter Odors

TDS Reader Contributors

"I was wondering if there were any ideas for deodorizing cat litter. I buy generic clumping litter and mix in a box of baking soda, but it gets to smelling pretty rank from the urine concentration. Is there anything that can make the scoopable stuff smell better without harming my cat?"

Kitty Condos and Scratching Posts

TDS Reader Solutions

"With three kitties and some very nice new furniture, we need to get good scratching posts and cat furniture to keep our sanity and household intact, but I am really amazed at the prices of not-very-good kitty condos, etc., at the pet stores. Any ideas on where to find detailed instructions for a do-it-yourself kitty condo?"

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