Learn how to barter and bargain your way to big savings

Bartering and Bargaining Your Way to Deals

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The Ins and Outs of Bartering

Alex J. Coyne

Could you trade for what you can't afford?

How to Win a Price Negotiation

Harrine Freeman

A strategy that yields results!

5 Tools to Negotiate a Better Deal...On Anything

Laura Foor

Why pay retail?

Video: How to Haggle Your Way to a Discount

Gary Foreman

Getting lower prices on big ticket items.

Expert Interview: Can Millinneals Learn to Haggle?

Gary Foreman


Does their online world keep them from knowing how to get lower prices?

Video: Barter Smarter

Jeff Yeager

The Ultimate Cheapskate gives us his best bartering tips and tricks!

16 Ways to Make Haggling Work for You

Gary Foreman

You don't need to be at a foreign market to be a success at haggling.

Save Money With Peer to Peer Rentals

Kristy Ramirez

Here are 8 ways that peer-to-peer rentals can save you money.

Mastering the Art of Haggling

Joanne Guidoccio

Why would you want to pay full retail?

Shopping for a Deal

Loralee Leavitt

How to get offered a deal without really trying.

Barter Your Way to Savings

Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L

Just like trading lunch at school.

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Modern Haggling

Garen Daly

Information + persistence = money.

Speak Up and Save

Margaret Marquis

Perfecting the art of asking can be a powerful tool in your money-saving arsenal.

5 Secrets to Getting a Better Price on Anything

Sally A. Kane

Prices are generally not set in stone. Get them lowered with these tips.

Barter Saves Cash

Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Acquire what you otherwise couldn’t afford.

How to Barter

Barb Di Renzo

Take care of your needs without spending money.

The Art of Asking

Jeffrey Strain

Creating great deals out of thin air.

Beginning to Barter

TDS Reader Solutions

Finding matches to get started.

Be Smarter: Barter

David Mercer

Enjoying some of life's luxuries.

Easy and Effective Negotiation

Shelley Wake

Get the lowest possible price.

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