Strategies that can help you maximize your Social Security benefits

Social Security Filing Strategies

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The #1 Thing Couples Should Know About Social Security

Brian Doherty

Before you start claiming your benefits, think about how this decision will affect each one of you.

Social Security Benefits If You've Been Married More Than Once

Gary Foreman

Could you be getting a bigger check each month?

Taking Survivors Social Security Benefits versus Spousal Benefits


Timing is everything when claiming Social Security. Here's how it works.

Spend Savings Early and Get Social Security at 70?


Financial experts disagree about when to claim Social Security and how to spend savings.

Can I Increase My Benefits by Suspending Social Security?


Yes, you can suspend Social Security benefits at age 66. Is that a smart move?

Work and Tap 401(k) to Delay Social Security?


Tapping Social Security early has its disadvantages -- especially in this case. Here's why you should wait.

Will you leave
thousands of dollars on the table
by taking Social Security
at the wrong time? Find out.

File Social Security Early to Invest?


Taking your benefits before reaching full retirement age might be a mistake. Here's why.

Should We Divorce to Maximize Social Security?


It's probably not a good idea to get a divorce to maximize Social Security. Here's why.

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Keep Working, Get More Social Security


Erasing low-earning or zero years from your Social Security earnings record can raise your benefits.

Living Off IRA vs Drawing Social Security


Conventional wisdom says not to tap IRAs before age 70 1/2, but it may not apply here.

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