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Cheap Vacation Eats

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7 Easy Ways to Save On Food While Traveling

Savannah Horton

These seven tips will help you save your money for touristy things!

Finding Affordable Eats When You Travel by Air

Debra Karplus

When traveling by air, you either bring a lunch from home, or you purchase from a limited set of unhealthy, overpriced choices at the airport or on the plane. But a planned grocery trip and some effort in the kitchen is time well spent before an air trip.

The Fastest and Cheapest Food on the Road

Phyllis Y. Guth

The fastest and cheapest food on the road is the food you take with you from home. Whatever you decide to take, you can be sure that the food you carry along is sure to be the least expensive and possibly the most nutritious you'll find on your journey.

Saving on Vacation Meals

contributed by Jora

The next time you're discouraged by spending $25 for fast food, use these money-saving tips to think of ways that you could feed your family a healthier and cheaper meal while on the road.

Vacation Dining

Kimberly Button

A majority of travelers eat every meal in restaurants while they are on vacation, which quickly eats up a large part of your vacation budget. If you're struggling to afford a vacation this year or if you just want a few ways to stretch your vacation dollars, these tips are guaranteed to save you money while dining away from home.

Cut Vacation Food Expenses

contributed by Cheri B.

Instead of feeling chained to the cycle of breakfast/lunch/dinner in restaurants for your whole vacation, try this creative solution that will save you a lot of money, give you greater flexibility in your schedule, and help you control your food better so you don't come home with that souvenir of 15 extra pounds.

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Picnic Food Ideas for When You're on the Road

TDS Reader Solutions

Don't want to eat sandwiches everyday while on the road? Try these ideas for foods that can be carried a cooler and that do not require heat.

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