How to find the best deals and save the most money on hotel and other vacation accomodations

Finding Deals on Hotels and Lodging

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University Accommodations

Alicia Klepeis

Could finding vacation accommodations at a university save you money? When you think of university accommodations, what comes to mind? Beer pong? Icky carpets? Bunk beds? Reset your memory banks. Today's dormitories are often luxurious compared with our old-school visions. Many universities rent out rooms to guests during the summer months and other university break times.

Tips for Booking Group Accomodations

TDS Reader Solutions

Group lodging can be expensive. But these TDS readers have found ways to save for their groups. Check out their recommendations.

Saving Money on Lodging

Marenda Babcock

Saving on lodging while traveling may not be as difficult as it sounds. It does take some planning, fortitude and perseverance. Here are some tips that can help your family save big bucks on your vacation budget.

Insider Reports: Hotel Reservations

Contributed by Annie

I work for a large hotel chain. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when booking a room if you want to save money and avoid a large, noisy crowd during your stay.

5 Tips for Booking the Best Hotel Deals


The biggest discounts will go to those in the know. So before checking in, check out discount hotel deals by following these strategies.

5 Keys to Unlocking Hidden Hotel Deals


If you didn't reserve your last hotel room through Priceline or one of the other "hidden" hotel deal sites, sorry -- you just overpaid. Hidden, or "opaque," hotel deals -- the kind in which you don't know where you're staying until you after you make the reservation -- can save you big money every time you travel.

5 Ways to Score Cheap Hotel Deals


Despite what you might think, you don't have to spend a fortune to stay at a four-star hotel. A little legwork can score you cheap deals, whether you're staying at a luxury resort, bed and breakfast, or run-of-the-mill hotel or motel. With the following tips, you and your companions can trim hotel costs and enjoy a delightful getaway without breaking the bank.

Could you earn $50 while junior naps? Here's 5 possible extra money sources to put your naptime plans in motion.

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