House swapping or a vacation home rental can often be a much cheaper alternative to a costly hotel stay

House Swapping and Renting for Vacationers

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Rent Out Our House While We're On Vacation?

Christine Karpinski

Looking for ways to help pay for your vacation? TDS readers give their advice on renting out your home to help combat the cost of vacation.

The Vacation Home Renter's Peace of Mind Guide

Christine Karpinski

The benefits of staying in a vacation rental home far outweigh the (extremely minimal) risks. By taking certain precautions, you can make the likelihood of getting scammed almost non-existent. Here are eight tips to help you safely book your vacation home in today's environment.

Home Away from Home (Really!)

Christine Karpinski

More and more people are eschewing hotels in favor of vacation rental homes. For most people, especially families with children, staying in a vacation home is better in every way.

Home, Condo Rentals Trim Vacation Costs


Renting a home or condominium can make your next vacation less expensive and more luxurious. How do you find the deals and steals on vacation rentals? Here are some pointers.

House Swap: Finding a Free Vacation Stay


To combat the high cost of vacation lodging, travelers are increasingly engaging in home exchanges or house swaps instead of staying in hotels. The cost of doing it: zero dollars.

Hospitality Clubs Offer Travel Deals


Frugal travelers may save a bundle on lodging by joining hospitality exchange clubs. Enrollees pay an annual fee and enjoy the privilege of staying in other members' homes when traveling. In return, they must be willing to offer an extra room in their own homes to fellow travel-club members.

Find out: How much could you earn renting out your home?

Being a Responsible Houseguest

TDS Reader Solutions

If you want to be a responsible house guest who gets invited back for another extended stay, follow these tips!

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