Don't let anyone steal or scam you out of an enjoyable trip

Staying Safe and Avoiding Scams When Traveling

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Video: Travel Credit and Debit Card Tips

Gary Foreman

Will you be traveling anytime soon? Many of us will. And that creates some special problems. Especially if you use credit cards along the way. Before you book that trip, take a look at this Dollar Stretcher interview with credit expert Gerri Detweiler to learn some smart tips for traveling with credit cards.

Steering Clear of Travel Scams

from American Society of Travel Agents

Record-low prices mean families can find great deals on vacations, but as costs plummet, it's important not to be taken for a ride by travel scams. Try these tips for steering clear of travel scams and for evaluating travel offers and so-called deals. They come from experts at the American Society of Travel Agents.

6 Tips for Traveling with Credit Cards


WIn some ways, credit cards make traveling abroad easier than ever. But with ease of travel comes a number of reasons to be cautious, especially when traveling with credit cards. Here are six ways to prepare the plastic in your wallet for a trip abroad.

What if I Lose My Driver's License on a Trip?


A driver's license is handy identification for so many purposes, but driving, of course, is the key. In most states, you can be cited for driving without a license in your possession. But if you needed to drive and got stopped by law enforcement for some reason, you could offer your passport as identification and a copy of any report you filed (such as with the airline or Transportation Security Administration), stating that your license was lost while traveling.

6 Travel Scams to Avoid on Your Next Trip


No one is immune from becoming the victim of a scam, but with a little knowledge you might avoid being an easy target. Watch out for these new twists on classic travel scams that can separate you from your valuables in no time.

15 Ways to Protect Your Money on Vacation


Don't let a fraudster, pickpocket or identity thief ruin your next vacation. These 15 financial safety tips will show you how to protect your wallet, your valuables and your financial information when vacationing in America and abroad.

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