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Air Conditioning

Buy, Repair, Maintain
Lower Cooling Costs


Energy Use
Product Reviews
Repairs and Maintenance


Automobiles, Accidents and Roadside Assistance

Accidents & Roadside Assistance
Buying Another Car vs. Repair
Buying with Cash
Buying New vs. Used
Buying New
Buying Used
Choosing a Used Car
Dealership Tips
Financing with Poor Credit
Buying/Selling Online
Improving Engine Performance
Saving on Gasoline
Choosing a Mechanic
Cutting Maintenance Costs
Cutting Repair Costs
Oil & Other Additives
Preparing Your Car for Summer Driving
Preparing Your Car for Winter Driving
Repair vs. Buy Another Car
Reducing Ownership Costs
Saving on Buying & Maintaining Tires
Warranties & Car Maintenance Plans
Loan & Lease Problems
Payments & Payoffs
Reducing the Cost of Car Ownership
Buying/Selling Online
Auto Safety Tips
New Drivers: Teens and College Students


Bottle and Breastfeeding
Save on Raising Baby
Toys & Activities


Banking Basics
Best CD Rates
Best Savings & MMA Rates
Checking Accounts
Choosing a Bank
Credit Unions
Kids & Teens
Mobile Banking
Online Banks
Overdrafts & Bounced Checks
Savings Accounts


Bankruptcy Basics & FAQs
After Bankruptcy
Alternate Options
Chapter 7
Chapter 13
Deciding to File
Protecting Spouse
In/Near Retirement
Wages Garnishment and Levied Accounts


Beauty, DIY Recipes: Hair
Beauty, DIY Recipes: Skin
Beauty, Make-Up & Nails
Beauty, Hair Care
Beauty, Tips & Tricks
Beauty, Skin Care
Natural Living, Cosmetics & Body Care

Book, Product, and Service Reviews


Reviews, Products

Product Review: Crystal Wash Laundry Balls by Paige Estigarribia - A natural laundry product.
Frugal Cleaning Products For Your Natural Cleaning Toolkit by Paige Estigarribia - We review E-Cloth
A Tool to Make Tax Time Easier for the Small Business Owner by Paige Estigarribia - We Review
Comparing 6-Quart Slow Cookers by Paige Estigarribia - Product comparison for 6 slow cookers.
Easy Stocking Stuffer Ideas by Paige Estigarribia - We review Poster-A-Page.
A Frugal and Natural Laundry Option by Paige Estigarribia - We Review Naturoli Soap Nuts.
A Time Saving Strategy for Couponing by Paige Estigarribia - We Review
Aermate Wine Aerator Review by Paige Estigarribia - Improving the flavor of wine
Review of Primal Pit Paste by Paige Estigarribia
Carrie Elle Meal Planner review by Paige Estigarribia
Newman's Own Organics review by Paige Estigarribia
We Review LitterBiotic by Paige Estigarribia
Gaiam Yoga Kit Review by Paige Estigarribia
GoPicnic review by Paige Estigarribia
iCoffee Maker Review by Paige Estigarribia - How does iCoffee compare to your favorite coffee shop?
We Review FlexScore by Paige Estigarribia - Can a score motivate you to better financial behaviors?
A Review of the Mom365Meals App by Paige Estigarribia
Review of the Wisely App by Paige Estigarribia - Using your phone for budgeting, banking, and finding a dinner destination too!
Memory Foam - Are memory foam toppers worth it?
Buying a Washing Machine
Buying a Vacuum Cleaner - Finding a lightweight vacuum that really works
Picking a Treadmill
Product Review:SoyaJoy Automatic Soymilk Maker by Vickilynn Haycraft
Product Review: Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker by Vickilynn Haycraft
Mica Tortilla and Flatbread Maker by Vickilynn Haycraft
Salton Electric Yogurt Maker by Vickilynn Haycraft
The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair - Making clean-up a breeze
Bottled Water for Less - What do readers do to get good, inexpensive water?
My Story: A Product Review - Water Softener Magnets by Katrina Maben
Do I Need a Water Purifier?
Carpet Cleaners and Shampooers
Non-Stick Cookware
'Clean Showers': Does It Work? What Are the Alternatives?
Electronic Pest Devices: A Product Review - Reader's Experiences
Quick-n-Brite Our Readers Respond

Reviews, Services

What Is Swagbucks? by Paige Estigarribia - Making your searches count.
Is Amazon Subscribe & Save Worth It? by Paige Estigarribia - Can you use it to save time and money?
Is Amazon Prime Pantry a Good Deal? by Paige Estigarribia - Does using Prime Pantry save money?
Freecycle - Free is a good price!
Prepaid Legal Plans

Borrowing Money

401(k) Loans
Auto Financing
From Family/Friends
Home Equity Loans
Personal Loans
Student Loans


Budgeting Debt Repayment
Budgeting Guidelines & Tips
Controlling Spending
Creating a Budget
Sticking to a Budget
Variable Income Budgeting


Bargaining and Bartering
Clothing and Jewelry
Seasonal Bargains
Shopping Strategies


See Caregiving

Cash Management

Emergency Planning
Making Money
Saving and Investing

Cell Phones

Reducing Cell Phone Costs
Ways to Save with Your Cell Phone

Charity & Non-Profit Organizations

Donating on a Budget
Tax Information


Birthday Parties
Earning Money
Educational Activities
Encouraging Saving
Health and Safety
Organization and Chores
Single Parents
Stay at Home Parents
Summer Activities
Teenagers and Money
Winter Activities

Children, Allowances

My Story: Why I Pay My Son for Chores contributed by Evelyn - A better today and a better tomorrow.
Kids spend, save, learn with an allowance - A kid's allowance is more than small change. It offers money lessons for children of all ages.
Teaching Teens the Value of Money
An Allowance and Your Child's Growth by Gary Foreman - Teach your child about money and life
Teens and the Value of Money by Peter Muehling - Could a bigger allowance be better?
Teens Clothing Allowance - End the battles over clothing expenditures
7 Tips for Giving Allowances by Misty Weaver-Ostinato - Strategies to make a different in their life
Ragamuffins to Riches - Use their allowance to teach them money skills

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Children, Childcare

8 ways to Reduce the Costs of Childcare by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant - A major expense in raising a child.
How to Make Split Shift Parenting Work
Choosing the Right Childcare by Debra Karplus - Finding affordable good quality care.
Finding New Child Care Solutions by Dara Hofman
8 Cheap to Free Childcare Options
Split-Shift Parenting by Deidra Ramirez - Time with your kids without sacrificing income
Avoiding Younger Teen After School Troubles - Those few hours can be productive or a problem
Starting a Babysitting Co-op
My Daycare Experience by Cherie

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Children, Educational Activities

Free Happiness for Your Kids! by April Serock - No, you don't need to buy them stuff!
5 ways kids learn and earn from Minecraft - Can't pry your child away from Minecraft? That's OK -- it's a great money teacher.
How to Create an Outside Science Wall by Andra Land - Create a year-round learning tool in your backyard
Tots and Tools by Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L - Teaching kids about DIY projects.
Mind Expanders by Olivia Fox - Helping our kids to use their imaginations.
Molding the Savvy Young Shopper by Kathleen D. Frassrand - Turn a trip to the grocery store into an educational outing
Home Learning Activities - Keep your children thinking and happy.
Fun and Frugal Things to Do With Toddlers by Irene Helen Zundel - Helping them learn about the world around them
One Man's Trash Is This Boy's Treasure by Christine Klein - Priceless gems awaiting discovery
Do-It-Yourself Enrichment Programs by Lucynda Koesters - Enriching your children's lives
Inexpensive Educational Resources by Catherine Levison - You don't need to homeschool to benefit from this trick
Simple Family Field Trips by Deborah Taylor-Hough - Great fun for the whole family
Cooperative Extension Resources by Deborah Taylor-Hough - They offer more than you think
Teaching Our Children About Nature by Don Trotter - What should we teach them about the world around us?
Children and Vegetable Gardening by Don Trotter - They'll learn to grow and eat vegetables
Teaching Life-Skills by Patricia R. Chadwick
Educational Activities for Kids and Families by Maxine Sprague

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Children, Encouraging Saving

5 tips for teaching kids about investing - Learning about investments early in life will help kids make smart money moves as adults.
8 Tips for Raising Money-Dumb Kids by Ed Avis - Making sure your kids are poor all their lives.
Let Your Kids Teach You To Save Money - Giving monetary incentive to save and budget
Teaching Teens the Value of Money
Investing for Children by Gary Foreman - Paying dividends for a lifetime
Making Saving Fun for Your Child by Mia Cronan - You'll be more successful if you make it fun
Gift Money & The Three-Part Rule by Mia Cronan - Teach your children how to allocate money

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Children, Extracurricular and School Expenses

Save on Youth Sports by Anthony Lynch - Keeping your kids in the game.
Keeping Kids in the Game with Creative Financing by Kathleen Frassrand - Finding a way to fund your child’s extra-curricular activities.
My Story: Frugal Prom My Story: Frugal Prom
Perfect Prom for Pennies by M. Carole Wyatt - Cutting expensive formal events down to size
DIY Kids Haircuts - Can I learn to cut my kids' hair?
How to Shoot Your Kids’ Portraits by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant - Capture their personality in photos better than the pros.
Making Beautiful Music by Jacqueline Harris-Stone - Buying a musical instrument that won't play a sour note for your budget.
Band Instruments by Gary Foreman - Reducing the cost of blowing your own horn
Say "Cheese" - Keep the cost of senior portraits down

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Children, Gifts

For Children's Party ideas see Parties & Entertaining: Children and Parties & Entertaining: Teens. Slideshow: 9 Low Cost Child's Birthday Gift Ideas - Children's birthday gift ideas when you don't have money to spend.
The Tween Shoebox Birthday Gift by Alicia Z. Klepeis - A creative gift for a tween birthday.
A No Cost Birthday Gift for 5 Year Old Boy - Only a 'no cost' gift will fit in her budget.
Fun, Inexpensive Gift Wrapping
Presents for Teenage Boys by Peggy Hinnah - They've got their own ideas. Here's how to make them happy
Special Gifts for Little People - Handmade treasure
Unique Gifts for Teens by Patti Chadwick - Yes, you can find great gifts for teens
Gift Ideas for Teen Girls by Rachel Paxton
Creative Children's Gift Giving by Darlene Howell
The Birthday Box by Mary Waggoner
Ask Miserly Moms: Organic Baby Formula and Kids' Party Gifts by Jonni McCoy
Inexpensive Gifts for Children: part 2
Inexpensive Gifts for Children
Kid's Birthday Gifts Reader's Tips

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Children, Money

Earning Money
Encouraging Saving
Teenagers and Money

Children, Money

Can You Teach Toddlers About Money? by Nichole Richardson - The beginnings of financial intelligence
Raising Money-Smart Preschool Children by Debra Karplus - Begin their money education early
When to Involve Children In the Family Finances - Does it help them learn about money? Or just cause problems?
10 ways Elf on the Shelf can teach kids about money - Need a way to make finances fun? Put Santa's helper to work.
The 3 best accounts to give kids a head start on saving - These key savings vehicles allow parents to safely put away money for their children's future.
How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Leave at Your House? - Do you need to match other tooth fairies?
5 tips to help your child start saving money - Follow these 5 strategies to help your child open a savings account and ensure the experience has a lasting impact.
8 Secrets to Teaching Your Kids About Money by Rick Kahler
Bad with money? Teach your kids to get it right - Rehab your poor financial habits before tackling the bad behavior of your kids.
8 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Money by Rick Kahler - Making sure your estate is distributed according to your desires
5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money by Anna Medici - The benefits will last a lifetime!
Video: Money Management for Kids by Gary Foreman - Interview with Dan Meader, CEO and founder of Allowance Manager
The danger of not teaching kids about cash - An expert says it is important to teach children about money at an early age.
Teaching kids to avoid money missteps - An expert urges parents to teach their children the secrets to financial literacy.
Video: Principles We Should Teach Our Kids about Money by Gary Foreman - Interview of Gregg Murset, CEO of

What a 'Wish Jar' Taught My Son About Spending by Cyn Rogalski - Teaching small children about wants and needs. 13 Things to Teach Your Children by Gary Foreman - That will make their financial lives easier.
The 5/50/500 Rule by Steve and Annette Economides - Is doing the best for your kids really the best for them?
Financial Advice for a Picky Eater by Gary Foreman - Could picky eating now lead to financial problems later?
11 Ways to Teach Kids about Money, Especially Right Now! by Eric Tyson - A slow economy provides opportunities for kids to learn smart money habits.
Modeling Money Behaviors by Sam X Renick - 4 strategies to help moms, dads and teachers teach children about money.
An Experiment in Business by Olivia Fox - Could Junior learn his math and business skills at the same time?
Financial Mistakes You Don't Want Your Kids to Repeat by Darren Hardy - An inheritance you do not want to leave your children.
Saving Kids from Consumerism by Tamara Wilhite - 20 tips for parents of preschoolers to save.
Making “Frugal” Fun for Kids by Sarah Collins
Like Father, Like Son - When kids pick up their parents' bad money habits
Setting an Example by Jill Cooper - Helping children to become wise caretakers of their money
The Four Terrible Money Mistakes We Make With Our Kids
Teaching Children about Money - Are there any courses to help explain how money works?
Surviving Family Financial Hardship - What our kids learn when we handle money
Making Frugality a Family Affair
It's a Family Affair - Working toward common financial goals
Minimum Wage Millionaires - Teaching kids about compound interest
The Anti-Cinderella by Gary Foreman - Is there a happy ending to her financial story?
About Your Financial Future by Jen Singer - What every stay-at-home mom should know
Nurture Thankfulness In Your Child by Brenda Nixon
Financial Incentives for Children - Bribery? Or good teaching?
To Tell the Truth? - What to tell children about the family budget
Introducing Children to Money by Misty Weaver-Ostinato - It's one of the hardest things to discuss with children
The Kid's Garage Sale by Nellie the Nag - Sure, Mom was tough. But they learned some valuable lessons
Depriving Our Kids? by Jill Cooper - An important question for their future well being
Teaching Life-Skills by Patricia R. Chadwick
Make Frugality a Family Affair by Nancy Twigg
The Costs of Children by Gary Foreman
Chip Off the Old Cheapskate by Gary Foreman

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Children, Organization and Chores

Convincing Kids to Get Rid of Toys - How to get a 4 year old to give up old toys.
Getting Kids to Complete Chores by Gary Foreman - Training them to help around the house
Homemaking School for Children - Give your kids valuable lessons in housecleaning and responsibility
Storing Kid's Stuff
My Story: Large Family Tips
Racing to Complete Chores! by Monica Resinger
Organize Your Children and Save Your Sanity by Gregory Thomas - Making your children responsible for their belongings
Raising a Self-Sufficient Teen by Rachel Paxton - Start small to get big results
Organizing the Disorganized Mom by Kim Danger - She was going to be the new June Cleaver. Not!
12 Tips for Helping Disorganized Children by Gail Miller
Chore Charts

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Children, Summer Activities

Pull Your Kids Away From Their Phones and Tablets This Summer by Dawn Summerson - 13 ways to get them to disconnect!
Summer Activities for Kids by Beth Hering - Activities to keep your kids occupied this summer.
Sensational Summer Camps by Chantal King - Making summer camp memories.
3 Great Low Cost Summer Activities With Kids by Kathy Woodard - Great summer times for less $$$.
Alternatives to Summer Camp - Mom's looking for summer activies for her 9 and 11 year-olds.
Chill Out This Summer by Tawra Kellam - Fun recipes to keep the kids busy
Summer Entertainment by Susan Sundwall - 3 cheapo ways to entertain kids
Summer Sanity Savers
Reducing the Cost of Summer Camp
Send a Kid to Camp ... on a budget!
The ABCs of Beating Summer Boredom
Summer Fun, Cheaply Done
Popsicle Paradise by Tawra Kellam - Remember licking the drips?
The Summer of Fun by K.M. Eldredge
Family Fun Days - Budget-conscious hints for great family fun!
200+ Ideas for Summertime Fun by Deborah Taylor-Hough
Free Family Fun by Shaunna Privratsky - Summer fun for less
Summer Fun In the Kitchen by Janean Nusz - Beat summer boredom
Summer Break for Mom by Gary Foreman - How to survive the summer without income and without accumulating debt
Super Summer Snacks 'n Fun by Janine Lynn - Your kids will love them
Summer Sanity Kit by Rebecca Underwood - It's going to be a long summer. Will you survive?
Summer Camp at Home by Jennifer Deerman

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Children, Toddlers

Toddler Life Insurance
Keeping Toddlers Warm at Night
5 Tips to Preschoolers Bedrooms
Fun and Frugal Things to Do With Toddlers by Irene Helen Zundel - Helping them learn about the world around them
Toys for Tots by Victoria Purdie - Inexpensive homemade fun
Homemade Toddler Toys by Malissa Copeland
Crafts for Toddlers

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Children, Teenagers and Money

Should Teens Have Part-Time Jobs? - Teaching them about money? Or hurting their grades?
6 money tips before sending your kid off to college - Is your child leaving for college soon? Here's a financial to-do list to get ready.
What is the Best Tool to Start Teaching My Teen to Manage Money? - Cash, debit dard or prepaid card?
Video: Could Your Teen Become a Millionaire? by Gary Foreman - Interview with Bill Edgar author of "The Minimum Wage Millionaire"
Video: Becoming a Money-Smart Teen by Gary Foreman - Interview with Eva Baker of
A Teen Clothing Allowance by Gary Foreman - Avoiding the battle over teen clothing.
Financial Tips for College-Bound Students by Bill Hardekopf - Is your student prepared to be on his own?
Basic Finance Management for Teens By Carol L. Stokes, Esq. - Top 10 things that parents need to teach their teens about money.
Spending, Saving, and Earning Tips for Teens by Alyssa Liljequist - 10 things teens need to know about money.
5 money tips for college - Every teenager should learn these financial lessons before heading off to college.
Your Teens and Moneyby June Walbert & J.J. Montanaro - 5 steps to raising a money-savvy teen.
Things I Wish I'd Known at High School Education - Finances for the high school graduate
Teen Clothing Allowance - Teaching kids how to shop for clothes
Raising Financial Responsible Teenagers
The Car Purchase Project by Barbara Frank - When your teen is ready for their first car
Help Your Teenager While Helping Yourself by Elizabeth L. Blair - On the road to becoming a responsible adult
Raising a Self-Sufficient Teen by Rachel Paxton - Start small to get big results
Teens and Credit Cards by Patricia Chadwick - Don't let them get off to a bad start
What to Teach Your Teens About Money by Gary Foreman
Teaching Teens About Money
Dollar Smarts for Pre-teens

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Children, Earning Money

Should a high-schooler take a part-time job? - A student can get more than a wage from a job. Mull these factors before letting your kid work.
Kids Cash In With Their Business Ventures by Lynn Bulmahn - Learn from their success!
Jobs for Preteens - How can a preteen earn a few dollars?
Teen Jobs by Jill Fitzpatrick - Beyond babysitting and lawn mowing.
Part-Time Work for Nearly-Teens - Can a 12 year old really make money?

Put Those Teens to Work by Sandra L. Ray - Valuable resources for finding jobs
Business Ideas for Kids by Pearl Sanborn
Jobs for Younger Teens

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Children, Teenagers General

Help Your Teenager While Helping Yourself by Elizabeth L. Blair - On the road to becoming a responsible adult
Avoiding Younger Teen After School Troubles - Those few hours can be productive or a problem
Teen Activities (12/20/99)

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Children, Winter Activities

Autumn Family Fun by Linda Shapero - Fall activities that the whole family will enjoy.
Surviving Winter Break
Frugal Winter Fun with Kids

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After Christmas Sales
Baking & Recipes
Budgeting & Spending
Christmas Tress
Gifts: Homemade
Gifts: Homemade Food Gifts
Gifts: Adults
Gifts: Kids
Gifts: Inexpensive
Gifts: Returns & Regifting
Gifts: Shipping
Gifts: Wrapping
Holiday Stress Busters
Paying Off Holiday Debt
Shopping Tips
Simple, Meaningful Christmas
Tipping Guidelines
Tipping Guidelines


Cleaning Tips
Eliminating Odors
Floors: Carpeting
Floors: Tile, Wood, Laminate
Pet Mess
Recipes for Homemade Cleaners: General
Recipes for Homemade Cleaners: Bathrooms
Recipes for Homemade Cleaners: Kitchens
Spring Cleaning
Time Management of Household Chores

See Also:
Eliminating Clutter
Laundry, General


Accessories and Shoes
Buying Retail
Buying Secondhand
Children and Teens
Caring for Leather and Suede
Selling and Trading
Sewing and Repairing
Stain Removal

Clothing, Accessories and Shoes

15 Fashionable Ways to Save on Clothes, Shoes & Accessories by Lidia Shong - A little retail therapy.
Expert Interview: Affordable Wardrobe Accessories for the Workplace by Paige Estigarribia - How accessories can stretch your wardrobe.
Extra Wide Shoes for Women - How to find comfortable extra wide shoes made just for women.
Make Sure the Shoe Fits - Maximize your shoe-buying dollars (1/9/06)
The Price of Status - What could they learn from a purse?
Handbag Chaos - How do you keep it all organized?
Cheap Urban Tricks for Fashionites on a Budget by Kayla Solomon
Shopping for Jewelry
Buying Athletic Shoes
Pantyhose Budget Buster

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Clothing, Buying Retail

Cheap Ways to Update Your Wardrobe as You Lose Weight - You'll only wear them for a short while, so don't spend a lot on new weight clothes
Affordable Outdoor Clothes for Winter by Debra Karplus - Keeping warm for less!
Why Cheap Shoes Are a Bad Buy by Debra Karplus - What you need to know about good shoes.
Strategic Wardrobe Additions Guest Post by Nancy in California - Adding items that fit your style.
Slideshow: How to Build a Business Casual Wardrobe by Pam Hutzler - Look good at work for less.
Creating a Wardrobe on a Budget by Berlin Mama - How to look good all the time for less.
How a Scarf Can Add Style to Your Outfit by Shaunna Privratsky - An inexpensive scarf can make your whole outfit new again.
4 Ways to Buy Clothes for Less by Kyleigh Vrettos - Knowing where to shop makes the difference.
Building a Business Casual Wardrobe - Frugal ways to look good at work.
5 Ways to Save on Women's Clothing by Ashli Sweat - Building a minimalist wardrobe.
5 Ways to Save Money on Formal Clothing by Rachel Barnard - Don't get stuck in a pricey formal clothing trap!
The Shopping Trip by Barbara Weddle - 10 ways to save in department stores.
How to Be a “Recessionista” by Diana Pemberton Sikes - Even in a recession you can have a wardrobe you like.
Hard to Fit Women's Clothing - Tips on finding good deals
Dress Like a Diva on a Thrift Store Budget by Kimberly Danger
Special Occasion Clothing
Style on A Budget
Building a Casual Wardrobe - Updating your look for less
Saving Clothes and Dollars
The Fashion Frugalista
My Story: Frugal Myths
Recognizing Quality Clothing
Getting the Best Deals in the Retail World
Fashionably Frugal by Shaunna Privratsky - It doesn't take a big budget to get compliments
What Is a Bargain? by Wendy Lomano - How you answer could save you money
Smaller Clothing Dilemma - When weight loss makes smaller sizes a necessity
Big & Tall Clothing - Where can you find a bargain on extra size clothes?
Mauled at the Mall - Looking for mall quality without mall prices?
Insider Report: Your Wardrobe by Donna V. - Clothing tips from a fashion consultant
Finding Bargains in Odd Sized Clothing

See all topics in Clothing

Clothing, Buying Secondhand

How to Make Cheap Clothing Look Expensive by Lauren Romano- When you can't spend a fortune on clothing
How to Shop for Vintage Clothing by Joanne Guidoccio - Is retro style for you?
Online Clothing Resale Shops by Shannon Cutts - You can be stylish for less.
Recycled Clothing 101 by Jill McCoy - What you need to know about consignment and resale shops.
6 Resale Shop Saving Secrets by Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L - Beautiful clothes for a fraction of their retail price.
Free Consignment Clothing contributed by Van from Alabama - Her method for getting free consignment store clothing.
A Great Budget Wardrobe
Special Occasion Clothing
Bag a Bargain - What can a simple bag do for your budget?
Goodwill Hunting - Confessions of a Goodwill addict
A Closet Full of Wearable Clothes - Assembling a functional, attractive wardrobe
7 Ways to Save at Thrift Stores by Kathryn Jones - Finish your shopping trips with money to spare
Little Known Thrift Store Shopping Secrets by Faith Sugarman
My Story: Sweaters for Cents by Van in Alabama - Old tricks still work today
Consignment Shopping Pays Off by Rachel Paxton - She uses it like a clothing exchange

See all topics in Clothing

Clothing, Children and Teens

Getting Kids to Be Happy with Hand-Me-Down Clothing - Is there a solution that will keep the kids and the budget happy?
5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Kids' Clothing by Brittney Walker - Have them looking great for less.
Clothing Kids Close to Free by Penny Saver - Keeping your kids well-clothed for less.
Converting the Female Teen Diva by Amy L. Thomas - Bring your daughter back to the real world.
Children's Clothing
My Story: Large Family Tips

Teen Clothing Allowance - Teaching kids how to shop for clothes
Hand-Me-Down How To's
Plus Size Teen Fashions - Finding style in unexpected places
10 Ways to Save on Children's Clothing by Jill Terry
My Story: Clothing a Teenager contributed by Karen - Sew you can save
Teen Clothing Allowances - End the battles of clothing expenditures
Frugal Fashions for Teens by Suzanne Donahue
Clothing Cooperative Create new Kids' Wardrobe by Tammy Harrison
Clothing, Book and Toy Exchanges
A Children's Clothing Swap Meet by Lisa Maas
Second Hand Clothes for Boys - Reader's Suggestions

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Clothing, Caring for Leather and Suede

How to Care for Suede Boots - Keep your suede boots looking good all winter.
Caring for Leather Boots - Ensure your leather boots keep their shape during the summer months.
Caring for Suede - Brush and spray the dirt away
Caring for Suede - Keeping it looking good for less
These Boots by Jennifer Grindl - The first step to a good impression
Caring for Leather Shoes

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Clothing, Maternity

Play Clothes for Nursing Moms - She doesn't have a budget for a short term wardrobe.
Baby Savings by Gary Foreman - How to save when you're having a baby.
Maternity Clothing by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant - Don't let your enthusiasm overpower your common sense.
The Maternity Wardrobe
Clothes for Nursing Moms

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Clothing, Selling and Trading

Selling Kids Clothes Hassle Free Online by Kara Haskins - Getting more for your better quality clothes.
Clothing Swaps by Deanna Kuder - A fun and frugal way to a new wardrobe.
Selling Your Wedding Dress
Reorganizing Your Wardrobe - Eliminate clutter and earn extra cash
Selling a Prom Dress - Passing along a dream
Clothing for Free? by Jennifer Krausz - Dress fashionably frugally
Money In Your Closet by Tamela Hancock Murray - Selling on consignment
Cash In the Closet by Monica Ricci - Why not take it to the bank?
Selling Through Consignment Shops
A Children's Clothing Swap Meet by Lisa Maas

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Clothing, Sewing and Repairing

A No-Sew Way to Patch Holes in Pants? - He can't wear ripped pants to school. What's the solution?
7 Simple Clothing Fixes You Can Do by Shaunna Privratsky - Repair, don't replace!
Sewing Tips - Reducing the Cost of Sewing Patterns.
Revamp Your Wardrobe by Tricia Goss - What's in your closet?
Replacing Lost Buttons by Melissa Jagears - Don't throw it out because of a missing button.
Sewing 101 by Rebecca Underwood - A few tips to help you get started
Sewing Savings by Rebecca Underwood - "Cents"ible sewing
Learning to Sew - How can you learn this money saving skill?
Making the Most of Sewing by Michelle Howard - Practices that will stretch your sewing dollar
Buying a Sewing Machine
Dressing for Less by Gary Foreman
Sock Immortality by Anne M. Wingfield

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Adult Students
Cutting Costs
Financial Aid
Student Loans

College, Adult Students

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Back to School by Kristen Sturt, - Are you rebooting your career or just leaning something new?
What Baby Boomers Returning to College Need to Know by Paige Estigarribia - How college is different now.
When Baby Boomers Head Back to College by Paige Estigarribia - 4 secrets to becoming a successful undergrad again!
Back to Grad School? - Can't find a suitable job, should he get an MS?
Transferring College Credits by Brandt Smith - Help! I’m going back to college and my credits won’t transfer!
Educate Yourself by Denny Phillips - A little education could save you money or even make you money!
My Story: How I Got a Free Ivy-League Education contributed by Anna D.
Returning to School - Exploring your financial options
Finding Funds for College - A Marine wants to return to school after service
Improve Your Bottom Line for the Long Term by Tina-Marie Harris - Reach your educational goals without breaking the bank
My Story: Back to College Without Debt - contributed by Susan - Newlywed couple learns how to relieve the stress of debt
Get Your College Degree by D. Rickerd

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College, After

How Would You Like To Graduate Debt Free? by Harrine Freeman - Yes, graduating without debt can be done!
Top 5 Things College Grads Would Have Done Differently by Jill Tyndale - Don't make the same mistakes they did.
Graduates Need Solid Financial Habits by Bill Hardekopf - It's important to get off to a good start.
Financial Tips for Recent College Graduates & Their Parents by Bill Hardekopf - Preparing for a life of financial independence.
“Real-World” Money Rules for Recent College Grads by Eric Tyson - 11 ways to save more and spend less when starting out.
Preparing for Life After College by Lorneth Fahie-Peters - 6 things you need to know while you're still in college.
Automatic Wealth for Grads - ...and anyone else just starting out.
5 Tips for Post-Collegiate Financial Sanity - Surviving the lean years that often follow a college education
College Students and Financial Records by Susan M. Sparks - Help your student organize their financial records.
How I Paid Off My College Debt in a Year by Kim Dyckman - Things to do before, during, and after college to minimize the impact.
Graduating With Debt by Tom Skorupa - Are your college debts causing you to graduate with a sense of dread?

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College, Cutting Costs

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus College Living: Which Is Cheaper?
How to Get Paid to Go To Undergrad by Anisha Banerjee - Going beyond the all-ramen diet.
Earning Money While In College by Becky Falto - A little extra income is always helpful.
5 Ways to Avoid a Ramen Diet by Jep Barroga - Lessons from a recent grad.
7 Ways to Keep College Costs in Check by Paige Estigarribia - Reducing the cost of a higher education.
Eating Well Off-Campus for Less by Nat Forcier - A student guide to eating well.
Tuition Free Colleges by Dr. Arnaud Prevot - Could you really get a free degree?
Community College Advantages by Debra Karplus - Saving money on a college education.
3 Financial Tasks Your College Student Needs to Do - Financial chores to perform while they're home on break.
College Textbooks for Less - How to reduce the cost of college textbooks.
Reducing College Expenses by Gary Foreman - How to reduce the cost of getting a degree.
How to Save on College Textbooks by Gary Foreman - Yes, you can save on college textbooks.
College Students and Storage Units by Matt Schexnayder - What college students need to know before renting a storage unit.
College Saving Tips from a College Student by Kelly Tang - Avoiding the debt that could ruin your future.
5 Dumb Little Ways for a College Student to Make a Buck by Olivia Fox - Ways to bolster your spending money.
Electronic Textbooks - Offering students savings and convenience.
College Students: Avoid the Ramen Noodle Diet by Kelly McLendon - There's more than one way to eat for less.
6 Things You Don't Need to Take to College by Melissa Mayntz - Minimize expense and maximize space.
Community Colleges by Rebecca Rogge - Saving money without sacrificing quality.
New Books and Used Books and e-Books! Oh My! by Kelli Ellenburg, PHR, CPRW - We compare sources for college textbooks.
Textbook Alternatives by Kelli Ellenburg, PHR, CPRW - How to cut college expenses.
Save Money Sending Your Child to College by Amy L. Thomas - What we learned from our son's first year in college.
Investing While In College
Part-Time College Jobs that Pay You to Study
Cheap Student Entertainment - Having fun without blowing your tuition money
Student Expenses
Off to College - Knowing what you'll need and where to find it cheaply
Finding College Textbooks for Less
Save on Class Rings

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College, Financial Aid

  • Finding Unique Scholarships Online by Patrick Magoon - Before you take out student loans...
    9 Worst Bachelor's Degrees to Pursue Now by Donald Wright - Will you be able to find a job when you graduate?
    How to Win a Scholarship by Derrick Bennett - Maximizing the chances of getting a scholarship.
    Free College! by Debra Karplus - You might want to go to work before you finish college.
    3 tips for filling out the FAFSA in record time
    FAFSA filing time arrives early, on Oct. 1. Here's how to breeze through the form.
    FAFSA strategies for getting more financial aid - Score the most college aid by knowing what assets count against you on the FAFSA form.
    College students: Tackle the CSS Profile and maximize you financial aid - Filling out the CSS Profile may result in a lucrative award for private college students.
    Expert Interview - Finding Weird Scholarships by Gary Foreman - You don't need to be an athlete or straight A student to win these scholarships!
    10 Steps to Avoid Scholarship Scams by Pyper Barnes - Beware of companies that prey on students.
    20 ways to get federal money for college - Help from the government is available. Try these strategies to enhance your chances of getting that cash.
    5 Things FAFSA Doesn't Tell You by Goldie Ector - There's more than FAFSA to getting financial aid.
    6 reasons colleges may increase your financial aid - Don't cry just yet -- colleges will hike your financial aid in some circumstances.
    What to do if parents can't help with college - Financial aid is hard to get when parents don't help out. Here's what you can do.
    How to Get College Financial Aid by Kalman A. Chany - 8 tools that can unearth college financial aid.
    9 ways to attend college for free - There are ways to sidestep college tuition. Find one that works for you.
    Scholarships, Grants, and Loan Forgiveness Programs By Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L - Special breaks for teachers.
    My Story: How I Got a Free Ivy-League Education contributed by Anna D.
    Finding Funds for College - A Marine wants to return to school after service
    Scholarship Quest

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    College, Parents Paying For College

    Reducing the Cost of College by Rick Kahler - Making college more affordable
    6 Ways Boomers Can Help Grandkids Afford College by Paige Estigarribia - Helping them to avoid student loan problems
    Home loan options for paying college costs - Good news: You have equity in your home. How can you use it for college?
    Opinion: Who should pay for your kids' college? Them or you? - Should you or your kid finance college costs? Two experts square off.
    Home equity vs. retirement to pay for college - Searching for a funding source for college tuition? Here are some things to consider.
    Options to pay for your kid's college education - College financial aid offices don't give tax advice, but we tackle school loan questions.
    Should You Pay for Your Kids' College? by Rick Kahler - The answer might surprise you.
    Should I refinance home to fund kids' 529 plan? - The U.S. set up 529 plans to help you pay for college. But be careful how you use them.
    Saying "No" to College Kids
    Love In a Box by Laurie Krulc - Care packages for your college student
    My Story: Funding College - How to send your kid to college with no college fund

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    College, Saving For

    7 things every family needs to know about 529 plans - Need to save for college? Get an "A" in College Savings 101 by learning these facts.
    Video - The 2-Minute Dollar Stretcher: Smart Ways to Reduce the Cost of College by Gary Foreman - Don't graduate deep in student loan debt.
    10 Ways to Reduce College Costs by Marc Hill - Avoid debt that can take years to pay off.
    Best way for parents to catch up on college savings - You aren't obligated to pay for your kids' college. But here's how you can start to save.
    529 plan: A good way to start college savings - College costs can be huge. Here are some good ways you can begin saving for your child.
    Unexpected ways to save for college - Need help paying for college? Try these savvy, nontraditional ways to save money.
    What You Need to Know About 529 College Saving Plans by Rick Kahler - A great way to save for college.
    Can 529 plan funds be used for rent while in college? - If you think a 529 plan can go only toward tuition and fees, you need to do your homework.
    Using a Coverdell education savings account - You can use an education savings account to pay for many expenses, including housing.
    6 myths about 529 plans - Think there's only one kind of 529 plan? We debunk these sorts of misconceptions about college savings.
    Tips for grandpa who wants to help with 529 plan - A grandparent who funds a 529 plan needs to avoid sticking the student with a tax bill.
    How Will You Pay for College? by Gary Foreman - We interview CEO Mandy Ginsberg
    Unexpected ways to save for college - Need help paying for college? Try these savvy, nontraditional ways to save money.
    How to reduce out-of-state tuition costs - Going to an out-of-state public college doesn't have to break the bank. Study up on how to save.
    4 Simple Steps to Big College Savings by Marcos Cordero - Why you want to start saving for Junior's college now.
    How to Save Big Bucks on a College Education by Sarah Rawson - Step by step financing instructions.
    Paying for Grad School
    Savings Bonds and College by Gary Foreman - Should they cash them to pay for college?

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    College, Student Loans

    Things to Know Before You Take Out a Student Loanby Donald Wright - Learn the truth now…avoid pain later!
    How to avoid the stranglehold of too much student loan debt - Don't let student loans haunt you after college. Try these tips to right-size your debt.
    5 Ways to Save on Student Loans by Clair Belmonte - 69% of students leave school in debt
    Don't make these 5 student loan errors - Get a crash course on what to avoid when closing the gap between college aid and costs.
    What you better know before you apply for student loans - Doing some homework before you take out college loans can help you avoid crippling debt.
    6 things to know about private student loans - When in college, a private loan to cover extra costs seems like a good idea. But watch out.
    Borrower beware: What's your student loan going to cost every month? - Think about how much you'll pay each month before signing up for student loans.
    Using the Student Loan Calculator by Paige Estigarribia - How to decide if you're taking on too much student loan debt.
    Are you taking on too much student debt? - Get your calculator and follow these steps to see how much college debt is too much.
    How Does Your Student Loan Debt Stack Up? by Gary Foreman - Benchmark your student loans against others.
    8 things you don't know about federal student loans - Federal loans for college are great, but watch for these snags you might not see coming.
    Here's how to limit your educational debt - Limit the amount of debt you take on from student loans with these four tips.
    How students can avoid too much debt - Find out how college kids can avoid taking on too much student loan debt.
    Borrow for College? - Or is it best to wait until the money is saved first?

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    Consumer Protection

    Car Warranties and Recalls
    Credit Cards
    Credit Rating/Credit Reports
    Debt Collectors
    Identity Theft

    Consumer Protection, Complaining

    How to Make a Consumer Complaint by Alex J. Coyne - Winning isn't always easy.
    How to Get the Customer Service You Deserve by Harrine Freeman- A pathway to a successful conclusion!
    How to Make an Effective Consumer Complaint - You don't have to put up with poor products or service.
    Resolving Online Consumer Complaints - How to get a solution to your consumer complaints.
    4 Steps to Getting Your Way When You Complain by Gary Foreman - Complaints that get results.
    Complaining Effectively by Joanne Guidoccio - 10 steps to an effective complaint.
    The Quiet Consumer Learns to Speak Up by Beth Hering - Even the timid can confront poor quality or service.
    Complaining Effectively - A simple solution to getting what you want. (8/28/06)
    The Art of Fine Whining - Transform an ineffectual whine into a concise effective communication
    Fighting the Utility Company
    The Courageous Consumer - How to resolve problems
    My Story: Complaint Letters contributed by Dee - Get results!
    Complaint Letters That Get Results by Harlan Simantel - Don't just stew in silence

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    Consumer Protection, Identity Theft

    Security Freezes and ID Theft by Kristy Welsh - Could a security freeze protect your identity?
    Most ID Theft Victims Don't Need a Police Report courtesy of the FTC
    6 bad habits that help ID thieves get your data - You can't prevent a major data breach, but you can help protect yourself when one happens.
    Fraud alerts vs. security freezes to stop ID thieves - Last year, identity theft hit 13 million people. Protect yourself using one of these tactics.
    4 Summer Scams & Thefts to Avoid by Jessica Graham - Don't let theives ruin your summer!
    8 things ID thieves don't want you to know - Your habits help ID thieves steal from you. Here's how to outsmart them.
    3 ID theft questions to ask your investment adviser - Make sure the person handling your retirement nest egg is protecting your identity.
    Top 3 identity theft tips for 50-somethings - Unlike young people, 50-year-olds have a full financial history that's tempting to ID thieves.
    How fraudsters use Internet, phone and email scams to steal your money - You're right to be paranoid: Scammers are everywhere. Avoid their traps.
    How ID theft threatens the financial lives of kids and teens - Kids can be ID theft targets like adults. Here's what to do if your child is a victim.
    Identity thief got you? Here's how to report it - Find out where to turn and what to do to hold back the damage and stop the scammers.
    Protect your smartphone from ID thieves - Protect your phone as your would your computer or your wallet to avoid ID theft.
    4 ways to protect against ID theft in your 40s - By 40, your identity is out there for thieves. Safeguard it by following these tips.
    How 30-somethings can protect against ID theftLife events in your 30s can expose you to ID theft. Here's how to defend yourself.
    Avoiding ID theft on campus - These 6 tips could protect you -- or your child -- from the threat of someone stealing sensitive personal data on campus.
    How to combat child ID theft - Here are 4 things you can do to help protect your child from becoming an identity theft victim.
    Prevent child ID theft with a credit freeze? - To the delight of identity thieves, just 22 states let you freeze your child's credit.
    9 ways to protect your child's identity - Few parents realize that of all the dangers out there, their children's identity is uniquely vulnerable.
    5 things to do after a data breach - Here are some critical steps you can take to protect your personal information.
    Could a Hacker Steal Your Money Using One of Your Mobile Apps? by Gary Foreman
    Why seniors should freeze their credit reports - A proactive step that seniors can take to thwart identity theft? Place a security freeze on their credit reports.
    Identity stolen? Do these 12 things now - If you're a victim of ID theft, see how to reclaim your identity and restore your good name.
    Preventing Online Identity Theft by Gary Foreman - Using your credit and debit cards wisely.
    Top 10 Signs of Identity Theft by Bill Hardekopf
    Passwords by Don Ireland - Protect your identity and protect your money.
    ID Theft Insurance- Do you need protection?
    Keep Your Identity And Your Bank Account Safe from Thieves by Jonathan Moeller
    <Get the Facts on Identity Theft
    Children and Identity Theft - Even our kids aren't immune to this high tech crime.
    Credit Card Protection - Protecting yourself against identity theft.
    Insider Reports: Identity Theft - contributed by a Bank Employee
    Protecting Your Child's Identity by Yolanda Kennedy - Don't compromise their safety
    Dangerous Information by Gary Foreman

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    Making Money with

    Crafts, Decorating

    Frugal Fall Home Decorating with the Kids!
    Candle Creations by Shaunna Privratsky - A fun, easy way to bring warmth into your home
    How to Make Garden Stones by Becky Yeager - A craft for the whole family
    Reusing Old Picture Frames by Rachel Paxton - It's a brand new creation
    Fabric Covered Boxes by Colleen Moulding - Turn the ordinary into something beautiful

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    Crafts, Holiday

    Christmas for the Craft Impaired by Rebecca Underwood - Easy to make holiday treasures
    Charming Animal Cracker Ornaments by Brenda Hyde - Whimsical, easy-to-make ornaments
    Homemade Greeting Cards by Rachel Muller - Simple, creative ways to say you really care
    Inexpensive Holiday Fun and Homemade Gifts by Janine Lynn
    Inexpensive Christmas Decorations
    Homemade Holiday Decorations
    Inexpensive Holiday Centerpieces - Reader Suggestions

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    Crafts, Kids

    Fall Leaf Collage by Rachel Paxton
    Raising Creative Kids On a Budget
    Easy Kid's Crafts for Autumn by Brenda Hyde - Fall family fun for all ages
    Old Fashioned Apple Head Dolls by Brenda Hyde - A craft from the past
    How to Make Garden Stones by Becky Yeager - A craft for the whole family
    Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make by Jenny Wanderscheid
    Crafts for Toddlers
    Magic Crystal Gardens by Louise Wulf

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    Crafts, Projects

    Video: DIY Project - Key Chime by Jeff Yeager
    Video: Can-terns: Cheap DIY Project by Jeff Yeager
    Make Your Own Jewelry for Less by Shaunna Privratsky - Saving money on DIY jewelry.
    Homemade Gifts and Games from Old Photographs by Diane Boykas - Creative ways to use old photographs.
    A Guide to Air-Drying Flowers by Monica Resinger - A simple and fun hobby
    Homemade Greeting Cards by Rachel Muller - Simple, creative ways to say you really care
    Preserving Flowers
    Homemade Holiday Decorations
    Pringles Can Bird Castles by Diane Pleasant
    Soapmaking: Recipes and Directions by Elaine White
    Bath Bombs: Basic Recipe by Brenda Sharpe
    Finally, a Use for Junk Mail by Pearl Sanborn
    Magic Crystal Gardens by Louise Wulf

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    Crafts, Supplies

    13 Ways to Find Cheap Art Supplies by Jeanine DeHoney - Artistic fun on a budget.
    Less Expensive Hobby and Craft Supplies by Christine Stephens - Why I buy my craft supplies at the thrift store.
    Low Cost Creativity by Tchikima Davis - How to save on craft supplies.
    The Dollar Store Shopper - Be Crafty Save Money
    Scrapbooking On a Budget - 9 ways to find discount scrapbook supplies
    Over-Crafted - When your craft supply greatly exceeds the demand
    Space for Crafts - When there's little room to do what you love
    Organized Craft Supplies by Rachel Paxton - Divide and conquer
    My Story: An Inexpensive Hobby by Christiane Eichler - A lot of enjoyment for a little money
    I Can Make That! by Tammy Harrison
    Buying Photo Quality Paper
    Arts and Crafts Ideas by Louise Wulf

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    Credit Cards

    Balance Transfers
    Basics and FAQs
    Credit Card Debt in Collections
    Credit Card Smarts
    Interest Rates and Fees
    Late and Minimum Payments
    Paying Off Credit Cards
    Rewards Cards Perks
    Safety and Protection
    Secured Credit Cards
    Selecting the Right Cards for You

    Credit Reports and Credit Scores

    After Bankruptcy
    Correcting Credit Reports
    Effects of Credit Score
    Improving Credit Score
    Understanding Credit Reports & Scores