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Living Better...for Less

Surviving Tough Times

November 1, 2017
Volume 10, Number 44

by Gary Foreman

Hello to All My Frugal Friends!

Have you ever felt like your life was out of control? I think that most of us have. When that happens to me, I always feel better hearing about someone who has been through (and survived) a crisis.

That's why I especially enjoyed a personal post from a friend (and sometimes contributor) Faye Prosser. She recounts the last two years of her life in a post she called "Debt, Diet...and Divorce."

I don't want to encourage divorce and I'll let you decide whether a diet should be in your future. But, if you think that debt will always be a problem for you, please read her post. I'm sure that you'll find it inspiring.

And once you've been inspired, start your own trip to being debt free.

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