Working From Home: Discovering the Right Business for You

by Rozey Gean

Discovering the right business for you is a personal issue that differs from one individual to another. Many home-based workers are able to bring existing skills and experience into their own business that had been accumulated and cultivated while working outside of the home. For instance, a woman who has spent 20 years working as an executive assistant in corporate America would more than likely succeed as an on-line virtual assistant or as a home-based secretarial service. Her vast experience would allow her to combine all of her skills and talents into a complete package she could sell to other businesses around the world, or in her own local marketplace.

Things to Avoid

While conducting your research to find the right business for you, there are pitfalls you will need to avoid. The major area you need to be weary of is "get-rich-quick" schemes. Keep in mind that success does not come overnight. Do not let anyone fool you with their sales pitch about how they have made millions because they "told two people and those two people told two more people and so on and so on."

Additionally, you will not get rich stuffing envelopes, stringing beads, sewing baby bibs, or assembling products. The small and enticing magazine advertisements that introduce you to business opportunities are not always what they appear to be. You must focus on your specific talents, skills, and experience to determine what business will work for you. Then, you must work smart at becoming successful at what it is that you do best.

Research Before Taking the Plunge

Your local library, bookstore, and even the Internet provides access to numerous resources that you can utilize in discovering home-based business opportunities that you can build upon from a grassroots start up. Many of these resources even provide details on what it takes to get started. The following sites are some of many which are dedicated to assist you in determining what type of home-based business you are best suited for:

If you are serious about starting your own home-based business, be serious about doing your homework. Research is absolutely crucial in the initial phases. Not only will you need to determine what business is right for you, but you will also need to know what will be required of you to make it happen. Find out what, if any, business license is needed in your particular area. Depending upon where you live, you may be required to comply with specific zoning codes, as well. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce office for more details that may be specific to your locality. Once you dispense with the legalities, take some time to develop a business plan with goals that you can reach on a consistent basis.

During the financing phases of your business, it is very common for financial institutions to request a business plan coupled with a loan application. If you are certain you will need help in this area, seek a professional and experienced writer to assist you.

Once you are up and running, the sky is the limit! Take your business seriously, just as you would your job in someone else's company. Create a happy and healthy balance between work and home. Your success will ultimately depend on you!

Rozey Gean, founder of the Women Entrepreneurs Online Network, (WEON), is a thirteen year veteran to entrepreneurship. Her expertise includes mentoring women in business and sharing her vast knowledge through written works.
These works can be read in her popular weekly WEON newsletter and other publications such as Free Electronic Networks and most recently Web Bound Magazine. Subscribe to the WEON Business News at or visit her ever-changing web site at

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