Women Working From Home A Workspace to Call Your Own By

by Rozey Gean

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Every entrepreneur needs a space to call her own, a place where the creative juices can flow freely and interruptions can be kept to a minimum. The IRS also insists on a work-at-home entrepreneur having her own space where nothing but business is conducted in order to take advantage of the deductions that are allowed when tax season rolls around each year. Whether your space consists of a transformed closet or an entire room within your home, your work area should be a space to call your own.

It really does not matter that you do not have a separate room that you can designate for conducting business. Should you be able to only manage a corner in your dining room to set up your computer workstation, then so be it. That constitutes your workspace. If, however, you are fortunate enough to have access to an entire room within your home, then good for you! That is even better! No matter where your space is, stake your claim! It is your territory and other family members should be recognize and respect your space, and make it a point to keep out!

Once you have established your space, then you have the fun-filled chore of setting it up and organizing it to meet your needs. Again, keeping in mind the amount of space you have available, carefully select the furniture and equipment that you must have in order to meet your specific needs. Arrangement of the furniture and equipment is a very important part of organizing your office. Make sure you place each piece so that it is ergonomically safe and within your reach for efficiently conducting business.

As you begin to decorate your work space surroundings, ask yourself if you will be meeting with clients in this particular space. If so, create a professional and tasteful decor, possibly one that reflects the type of work you do. For example, if you are a photographer, fill the room with samples of your photography work. A wedding consultant may choose to create a more romantic look for her soon-to-be brides and grooms. It is always a good idea to include among your relics any awards or certificates you have received for your work.

The entrepreneur occupying a room in the home with a door that can be closed behind her at the end of the day has a definite advantage over the entrepreneur who occupies a space in the corner of the family room. Why? One of the most difficult things that entrepreneurs find they are faced with is knowing when to say enough is enough and walk away. Having a door to close behind you may make it easier to walk away at the end of the day. If you do not have that luxury in your workspace, then you must determine in your mind that you are going to stop working at a certain time, stick to your schedule, and walk away. If you must, turn off the computer and put away all of your items that would tempt you to be drawn back to it.

Make your work space as comfortable and familiar as possible, as you will find yourself spending a great deal of time in that very area. Everyone's idea of a perfect workspace differs from one individual to the other, just as the type of work they are in. Therefore, it is up to the individual entrepreneur and the requirements of her specific occupation as to how much space she needs and in what part of the home she needs it. With many entrepreneurs, it may even be a matter of trying out several places in the home before deciding on which one best meets their specific needs. Be creative and discover what personally works for you in establishing a workspace to call your own!

Rozey Gean, founder of the Women Entrepreneurs Online Network, (WEON), is a thirteen year veteran to entrepreneurship. Her expertise includes mentoring women in business and sharing her vast knowledge through written works. These works can be read in her popular weekly WEON newsletter and other publications such as Free Electronic Networks and most recently Web Bound Magazine. Copyright 1999, Rozey Gean, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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