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Wholesale Prom Party Supplies

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Looking for Cheap Prom Decorations

I am helping with with the decorations for my daughter's Sophomore Tea, which is similar to a prom. We have a catalogue from a company that specializes in this area. The classes' selection from this company is going to cost them $1,000. I find that to be an exorbitant price to pay for balloons, metallic cutouts etc. is there any place you or readers to can direct me to find cheaper decorations or directions for making them.
Pat H.

Use Vo-Tech for Cheap Prom Decorations

Try your local vocational-technical school. Ours has a floral department and they do it all, from planning to set and clean up, as a learning experience. Most do the balloons as well as floral arrangements. Can't beat the price as they get the supplies wholesale, and buy in larger bulk than you will. This is also the hot tip for weddings and such. The work is supervised, so it looks good. My other suggestion is to ask the local florist if they can order the supplies (getting wholesale prices). Some might be willing to be a sponsor, nice tax write off for them, possibly cutting costs for you.
Renee M.

Wholesale Prom Decorations?

Well it may have been a while since we decorated for our proms, but I know we didn't pay that kind of money!

We used to go to local party decoration stores and do a number of things...

  1. Ask them to "sponsor the class," i.e., donating for free or selling items at a discount (sometimes in exchange for publicity i.e. mentioning them in the school newspaper, or including their name in the prom program booklets...)
  2. Collect supplies from home (it's always interesting what kid's folks were able to drum up!) and the art director and make them ourselves. (Make it an art-class "project" to create the you more funds, time and relevance for your school art projects plus it allows your school's tax dollars to do double duty.)
  3. As a "school-activity" you are entitled to tax-free status purchases... we used to get the tax waiver forms from our principal's office before making any purchases for the class with local retailers.
  4. Visit hotels or other party-halls and ask them what they do with their decorations after their parties are over... if you offer to help clean up other party's decorations you may be able to get some good "left-overs". (You can call ahead and find out what "theme" these parties/proms are and see if their motif might fit your needs). As a plus... it's also a very earth-friendly thing to do!
  5. Go the Natural/Sophisticated approach and decorate with Flowers!!! (Can be wild-flowers, flowers grown especially for the prom via your science class, flowers donated from families, and local florists (or churches after weddings).

Remember less is more! It's the friendship and the fun you will remember for years to come, not so much the other things.

Balloons for Cheap Prom Decorations

A thousand dollars seems like so much money for the students to shell out. Having helped out in the past with receptions, class dances, etc., I have some tips to gladly share. Naturally, the students will want their prom to be memorable and the area festive looking. This can be done for much less than $1,000 with some simple planning.

For large area decorations, balloons are always an easy way to fill a room with color. Inexpensive helium balloons in large packages along with ribbon can be purchased through companies such as Oriental Trading. Helium tanks can be rented through a local company. Bunches of balloons in the prom color theme can be attached to blocks or bricks which have been covered with wrapping paper. The thin ribbons do not interfere with partygoers visiting with each other at their tables. Large bunches can be placed around the room, at the indoor and outdoor entrances also. Light opaque or clear balloons are very elegant looking when grouped together.

Another suggestion is to borrow small clear Christmas lights from student families. Purchase cheap netting/tulle from a fabric shop ( you will need several yards) and make large/long swags of netting with the lights running through them...add some fake ivy or other matching silk flowers for accent. Drape these swags at the entrances, along the ceiling blocks and use as a backdrop for band/DJ, etc. Candles on the tables with a small piece of ivy/silk flowers will add a special touch. If you want to have a special area for prom photos or queen/king court, check on borrowing or renting a wooden trellis and nice patio (wrought iron) furniture. Decorate this area the same as the rest of the center. Add some borrowed potted plants of varying heights. You can also spray paint some branches white and add small clear lights to them. They look great in corner areas if you secure them in large planters (use rocks, etc., for holding them).

Put out the word to the class parents for materials and without a doubt, the students will have a very memorable prom and the parents will appreciate the lowered cost without a doubt (after all, they are the ones who help pay for it all!!).
April in WNY

Shop party supplies and decorations at The Oriental Trading Company!

Cheap Decorations at Big Lots

I found that when I got "talked into" a last minute decorating help of a church for my brothers wedding that Big Lots has a lot of what you need.

Wholesale Decorations Here

I just found a great site that sells decorations at very reasonable prices. I did a lot of research and they were the least expensive place I could find. It's I ordered a bunch of stuff for my son's 5th Birthday Party.

The decorations were great we got a lot of compliments and I received the order just 5 days after I placed the order online. Also, if you don't want to purchase everything online you can just get ideas and then make them some of the decorations (or have the kids make them) yourself.
L.J. in California

Oriental Trading for Cheap Prom Decorations

I've been doing a lot of decorating lately for my church and family birthdays. I know what it is to want to save money, but yet not have the event or occasion look cheap. So, with the help of a co-worker I've come to rely on The Oriental Trading Company. They have a wonderful section on balloons and party themes.

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