Tips for preventing ants from taking over your yard

Killing Ants in Your Yard

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How Do You Kill Ants in Your Yard?

How do you get rid of ants out of your yard? My husband and I have tried various things for killing ants and have discovered that ant "killer" is really ant "mover"! Anyone have any suggestions? We seem to be getting more and more ant hills every day. They really like our yard.
Rhea H. in Houston, Texas

Killing Ants: Dehydrate Them

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth around and in the ant beds. You can get it at swimming pool places and it is harmless to humans and pets. It dehydrates and kills the ants.

Sweet Surrender

I found the best and cheapest way to get rid of ants is to mix equal parts sugar and borax. I put it in little "stations" all around the yard (be sure to replace if it rains) in baby food jar lids. The ants carry the sugar back to the hill, and the borax clinging to the sugar does the rest. After about a week or two, no more ants!
Michele B.

Killing Ants: Hot Water

I just watched a Discovery Channel show that says that using all the chemicals for ants and fire ants is a waste of $$$$$$. They are best removed by pouring boiling HOT WATER on the mounds. And best if done in the a.m. as they are high in the mound at that time.

Breakfast Is Ready

We moved to Pensacola, FL in 1996, and were overcome by all the roaches. We had Sears Pest Control come out to take care of that problem, but as the man was leaving, I asked him what could be done with the fire ants that had take over our yard. He said there was a chemical they could use, but in his opinion, the best thing was Quaker Oats Instant Grits. He said to just sprinkle some over the mounds, and they will eat it and it "blows up" inside them. I tried it, and within a day, the mound was dead. I'm sure they had moved on to another part of the yard, but it did seemed to work. So I guess if you have a good supply, and look for mounds everyday, you could keep it somewhat under control.
Kim H.

Killing Ants: Spicy

My friend worked for a pest control agency , He said to use cayenne pepper mixed with corn starch. It worked wonders for us.
Carrie W.

Commercial Preparation

Living in Florida, I also have a lot of ants in my yard at times. I use a product called Amdro. It doesn't move the ants or make hard mounds in my yard like the products we used in the past. Instead this product is taken by the worker ants to the queen, where she dies and then the mound dies. It is the only product I have found to be successful in terminating ants since moving to Florida and trying various others. It is the only one I use now.
Beth B.

Reviewed January 2018

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