Draft in Game Room

Dear NH,
There is a draft at the bottom of the walls in my games room. The edge of the carpet is black. How can I repair this problem?
CS from British Columbia, Canada

Its difficult to know for sure why you are having this problem, but what is sure is that you have an air leak coming under the base moulding, blowing oily dust or dirt onto the carpet. Odds are, there is an air space between the floor and the wall, allowing air to enter your room from the hollow in the wall or from the basement/ floor below.

What you need to do is seal the leak. The more difficult way would be to remove the base moulding and install some sort of air barrier... depending on the size of the leak you could use a strip of plastic or even a foam insulation pressed into the gap.

Since I can reasonably guess that you would prefer a less destructive solution, try this. Pull the carpet back from the areas where you have the leakage. You will probably see a gap under the mouldings where the air is entering. Purchase some strip foam insulation. This product is available in a number of sizes. Don't buy the kind with a glue strip. It is unnecessary and probably will make installation difficult or impossible. The type I mean is the type used to weather strip air conditioners. Just ask; all the good hardware store guys will know what I am talking about.

Again, depending on the size of the gap, you may have to cut the foam insulation into a thinner strip. Plain old scissors will do the job nicely. Push the foam into the gap between the base moulding and the floor. This will stop the air infiltration dead in its tracks, along with the staining!

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