Women Working From Home: Capitalizing on Natural Talents

by Rozey Gean

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Today's businesswoman is rating high on the score board for her ability to do it all. From meeting the needs of her family and home to spending endless hours focusing on her business, she seems to pull from strength and resources that are somehow only known to the female species. Many of these women have served their time working for corporate giants. They are now bringing their talents home with them and putting them to work in a way that will benefit their families, produce additional income, and provide an overwhelming sense of fulfillment that is second to none in their career.

What makes these female entrepreneurs so unique in their success? They are born with natural talents that bundled together can be surpassed by no man! Even men across the world are acknowledging that women seem to have what it takes to succeed in business, although many do not understand just where they get it!

For decades, women have been sharing their knowledge over the fence in the backyard, sitting side by side in the hair salon, and from across the table over afternoon tea. There is more than simple gossip being exchanged! Women have managed to accomplish more through these informal networking sessions than simply swapping recipes for deep-dish apple pie. We have created a forum that has provided us with insight on valuable information in efficiently running our homes, shopping on a shoestring budget, raising children, putting the spice back into our marriages, and making money from doing what we know and do best. Now, we have taken those networking skills to a higher level through establishing careers that allow us to work from our homes.

Natural Born Communicators and Multi-taskers

Women are natural communicators. We seem to have the ability to put words together with such articulation in getting our point across. Many women seem to always come up with the right thing to say at the right time. Some think the estrogen levels in our bodies contribute to our natural abilities to communicate. This natural characteristic benefits us in business relationships, as we are able to implement various means of communications that assist us in networking, marketing, and customer service. Having a way with words exemplifies power, and power is exactly what today's businesswoman has a wealth of!

An additional trait that is found in women is our ability to be a multitask machine. In contrast to men, our brains are equipped to process a diverse amount of information at once. As we rapidly process information, we are able to move through the details of each task and perform several things at once. This accounts for our ability to manage multiple telephone lines, type a detailed report, prepare lunch, and wash a load of clothes all at the same time. Men, however, are lineal thinkers. They tend to focus on doing one thing at the time, moving in a step-by-step procedure in accomplishing their tasks.

Differences in the chemical make up of men and women create differences in how men and women position themselves. While men tend to put more emphasis on rank, women are more concerned with creating a happy balance between family and work. Men tend to be more natural-born protectors while women are natural-born nurturers. These characteristics rank women high in people skills, thus contributing even more to their success. Why? Women use these natural abilities to form, cultivate, and foster business relationships, therefore, creating lasting business associations in her business circle.

With the opportunities available to women today, there has never been a better time to be a woman in business than now. By honing in on their natural talents, women are experiencing a level of success that was unimaginable to their equals years ago. Women have always had the abilities . . . we are just now realizing the opportunities!

Rozey Gean, founder of the Women Entrepreneurs Online Network, (WEON), is a thirteen year veteran to entrepreneurship. Her expertise includes mentoring women in business and sharing her vast knowledge through written works. These works can be read in her popular weekly WEON newsletter and other publications such as Free Electronic Networks and most recently Web Bound Magazine. Subscribe to the WEON Business News at subscribe@weon.net.

Copyright 1999, Rozey Gean, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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