Cleaning Patio Furniture

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Cleaning Patio Furniture: Is There an Easy Way?

I would like to know if you have an easy and inexpensive way to clean vinyl patio furniture that is left outside in the weather. Thank you .

Use Bleach

Have you tried just plain old bleach? I normally use the stronger pool bleach by spraying it on and letting it set in the sun. Be sure to wash it down before you sit on it.
TJW in Florida

Cleaning Patio Furniture: Washing Soda Solution

Make water solution of Washing Soda (Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate) and water. 1 part washing soda 10 parts water. Apply this solution gently, with discarded cloth or sponge or any similar applicator. The furniture will get cleaned with very little effort. After cleaning, it is necessary to wash the furniture with water. I have tried it.

Try Dishwasher Detergent

The trick to cleaning the outdoor plastic and vinyl furniture is to use hot water and mix in dishwasher detergent. Be sure to use rubber gloves as it will eat your skin. This works especially well with the plastic play structures. Rinse well!

Cleaning Patio Furniture: Apple Cider Vinegar

My best tip for all serious cleaning jobs is apple cider vinegar. My husband and I have used it as a degreaser, in a spritz bottle for window washing and, as a last resort, I poured it directly on the gummy asphalt tile residue that remained on our hardwood floor after we removed the 60-year old linoleum. It cleaned down to the bare wood, left no residue. It works miracles, is cheap and won't harm the environment.
Alisha T.

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