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Tools, Tricks and Techniques for Cleaning No Wax Floors

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Now What?

I have a no wax floor and the color is a dark green. I cannot seem to find a product to keep a shine on it. It always looks dingy not glossy like I would like for it to. Now it also has a super long scuff mark on it. Looks as though it may have been made by roller blades. I felt to see if it was actually cut but is not. Could you please give me a tip on how to get that glossy shine and how to get rid of the super long scuff mark. I'd really appreciate it. The floor is only a couple years old.
Lynetta P.

Tennis Shoe to Remove Scuff Mark

To remove scuffmarks off my kitchen floor, I rub across it with my tennis shoe's sole. Probably a pink eraser would work too. Mopping over it does not work!

An All-Purpose Cleaner

Try the product "Once And Done" (comes in a white plastic bottle with a yellow and blue label). Our homebuilder recommended it when we moved in 4 years ago and it keeps the floors nice and shiny. We use it on our linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom and on our ceramic tile floors too. I believe that my husband has had the best luck finding it (and at the best price) at the Home Depot stores.

Vinegar is the Secret Ingredient

I have a laminate floor and like you tried all the products with no success until my grandmother gave me the perfect solution. It is simply use mild liquid soap and water to clean then vinegar and water to rinse. The vinegar is the secret as it strips the floor of all the dulling film. The first time I used it, there was an immediate difference. Now, my floor always looks brand new and shiny. Just use a 1/2 and 1/2 solution of vinegar and water.

If you don't like the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of essential oils. I now use vinegar and water to rinse every thing I can. It takes residue off of everything! I use cinnamon and my house smells great. For the scuffing, try baking soda and a little water.

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A Little More But Worth It

I use Brite (a SC Johnson product). You just squirt and mop. You don't even have to rinse. You can purchase approximately 1 quart from anywhere from $5 to $6. I read about it in a professional cleaning book and I have not been disappointed since. It costs a little more than other cleaners do, but your time is worth something. You can expect the shine you are looking for without the buildup you would normally expect.

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A Tennis Ball To The Rescue

The long scuffmark on her floor can be removed with a Tennis Ball (a cheap one will do) bought in a dollar store. Cut a small "X" in the ball with a knife and stick it on the top of your broom handle. To remove scuff marks turn broom upside down an rub mark with the ball. This will remove the mark.

We use this method in office building when cleaning the floors. The method saves time when cleaning by not having to run the buffer. No-wax floor requires no wax when they are new, but when they are old they need a little help. You can purchase floor polish for no-wax floors in your local supermarket. Just make sure the bottle states that it is for no-wax floors.

The Two Step Method

I have used this method for many years and have surprised even my Mother with how well this works. At least it won't hurt to try it. I wash my floors twice with a sponge mop. First Time: The first solution I use is 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup Murphy's Oil Soap, and 1/ 2 bucket of hot water. Second Time: After the floor dries, I wash with the hot water and oil soap only.

My floor shines like I have waxed it. Many people have commented on the nice floors I have had over the years. The first time you do this, you may need to use step 2 one more time.

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A Scrubber Sponge Will Handle the Scuff

First, you will need a 3M-scrubber sponge that has a scrubber on the back of the sponge. Very gently on the scuff using the scrubber side make small circular motions (pattern) with cold water. This will take the scuffmark off the floor.

To put your shine back on, try using Clear Future. If you can't find this, you might want to try going to a janitorial supply store and asking for a Mop On Wet Look finish. This is not a wax (wax turns yellow). Put this on with a damp mop and let dry. To keep the floor looking shiny, use cold water and a mop to keep clean after having put the finish on.

Reviewed January 2018

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