The Birthday Box

by Mary Waggoner

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Every year, I collect magazine pictures of things which correlate to my child and their interests that year. About a week before their birthday, I decoupage these pictures onto a cardboard box. Their "Birthday Box" then becomes the center piece for our table. This box will now hold the following:

  • Every person (who is able to write) fills out a simple form I create on my computer and copy at work. It reads: What I want you to know.... Each guest then writes down something they think the child should know about themselves, about life, anything in general. The child will not be able to read these statements until their 18th birthday, when they will receive all the boxes to open. (I also write milestones during the year and include it in the box). What a great graduation/going to college gift!>
  • Coupons good for one cleaning of child's room by parent. One for an extra 30 minutes at bedtime. One for making cookies together. Let your imagination run wild. Rather than putting a staple in them, place them in a small photo album from the dollar store (one picture on each page format) and decorate the front/back cover with some scrap material you have about. Simply use hot glue or tacky glue to adhere it to the inside of the cover.
  • Make a phone book of all your child's friends (when they are old enough to use the phone responsibly). This will make them feel more mature and keep them from asking you their friend's number every time they want to call!
  • Felt Storyboard for the toddlers and school age kids. Felt is cheap. Cover a large shoe box with felt on the top and cut out a variety of shapes to place inside. This is great for car trips, also!

Mary Waggoner is a work-at-home-mom with her two children, Lizzie age 2, and Zach age 8. She specializes in party planning which focus on saving you money.

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