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Dear NH,
Hope you can help with this one. I have a bi-level condo with two bathrooms on the upper level. In one bathroom the hot water in the shower turns cold after 5 minutes while in the other it will run hot for as long as necessary. I replaced the mixing valve on the problem shower but the situation remains the same...any ideas as to why?

When a plumbing problem is occurring at just one fixture, it's a safe bet to assume that the problem is with that fixture. So even though you have replaced parts, there is still a problem to be solved! From your description, it sounds to me like an anti-scald valve problem. The anti-scald valve is a really cool invention. It (usually) prevents the user of a shower from getting burned (or "scalded") from the hot water when there is a sudden drop in cold water pressure... such as when Junior flushes the toilet in the middle of your shower "aria"!

Some shower faucets have the anti-scald valve built into the mixing valve and others have a separate anti-scald valve. Your best bet to isolate this problem is to take the mixing valve (the part you have replaced) or the instruction sheet to the plumbing supply store and have them pull a schematic of the faucet out of their catalogues. Having the faucet's brand name and/or model number will be even more helpful as some faucets use the same mixing valve for different models! The schematic should show the location and part number for the anti-scald valve.

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