A/C & Gas Mileage

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Can you settle an argument between me and my girlfriend? She thinks using the air conditioning makes a big difference on gas mileage, I say its small potatoes next to the general tips I've heard about reducing rapid starts, speeding, and re-starting. The other day she left work for lunch down the street, found herself running low on gas ('E'!) and low in time, so to get back to work, she says she shut off the air. Do you have any figures on how much gas is used to run the air conditioning?

Using that air conditioning adds about 10 to 20% load to the engine. But, it depends on what type of motor you have. A 4 cylinder engine will feel the effects of turning on the a/c a lot more than a 8 cylinder does.
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Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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