How to find college scholarship money

Finding Scholarships

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How to Find Scholarship Money

My oldest child is entering her senior year of high school. The college she is interested in is private (and expensive). We would really appreciate any suggestions in regards to searching for, and obtaining scholarships!Thank you!
Stacy S.

Counselors Can Find Scholarships

I used to work for a high school and found that the counselors have a lot of information about scholarships. They also have access to magazines that list scholarships that can be applied for. One magazine I saw had over 500 listed, each with different requirements. I suggest asking her high school counselor since they have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Start Scholarship Money Search Early

It is not too late to begin but you are going to be rushed. The Internet is the best place to start looking. Go to a search engine and type in "scholarships" and see which ones your child qualifies to apply.

Check also with the school's financial office and also the career counselor at the high school.

You must keep in mind that a grant and scholarships do not have to be paid back, a loan does even if it is at low interest rates. Be sure to check out PELL GRANTS. These are grants by the federal government to lower income students. Be sure to apply because our term for low income and their term have different definitions. Go to "" for information and apply. Be sure to read each application and follow-up. If you apply they can say you make too much and they can approve you. You never know if you don't apply.

Get Scholarship Money from US

Try the information from the U.S. Department of Education at

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