Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

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Any Beanie Baby Will Do

We actually found this on the Internet. My daughter is going as a beanie babie (Dottie the dog). We have an old white sweatshirt and pants, add a black tail and ears (with an old sweater I was throwing out). We are putting black dots on with fabric paint and we are making a tag out of cardboard. It's very cute and you can make any beanie baby depending on what color sweatsuit you can get. Remember it is good if it is large so it can go over a jacket since it may be cold Halloween night.

Your Favorite Book

In answer to Christine's question about family costumes, I have an idea about making books. When my son was in Boy Scouts my brother took a large box that covered him from shoulders to knees and painted the front and back to look just like the Boy Scout manual. Everyone can pick his or her favorite book.

Bugs for the Girls

I made a quick and easy bug costume for my baby girl last year. Although my in-laws teased me that all the other little girls were princesses and bunnies, my girl was truly "cute as a bug"! Materials:

  • 1 inexpensive long-sleeve green bodysuit from Wal-Mart (try your own color variation)
  • 1 pair of black tights
  • 4 black socks (any size, right out of your drawer)
  • Stuffing (any scrap material or more socks)
  • 1 headband
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • 1 large needle & thread
  • Fabric paint (optional)

Directions: Twist the pipe cleaners onto the headband and twirl the ends to look like tentacles. Stuff the socks and stitch two to each side of the bodysuit by hand. When dressed, the tights will be the last pair of black legs. For added pizzazz and visibility, use reflective fabric paints to decorate the bodysuit. For some fun movement, you might want to string the added legs together and tie them to the wrists.

Homemade Pattern for Tinkerbell

One of the best costumes my daughter ever had was one she made herself. She wanted to be Tinkerbell for the library's Peter Pan picnic. We went to the fabric store and the patterns (just the patterns!!) were $9 -- so we took a long look at the pattern and then went home. I had her lie down on a piece of forest green fabric which had been doubled, and I outlined her with chalk as though we were at a crime scene (except for the head and legs). We cut out our shape, sewed up the edges, and added a bit of rope for a belt.

Fortunately, Tinkerbell is a woodsy kind of fairy, so we didn't want to finish the edges.

Wings were made of pipe cleaners and an old, shiny nighty. We added a neck pouch for fairy dust, and made a wand out of the pipe cleaners (or some such; I really don't remember) and nighty.

That same nighty, cut into strips and sewn to an onesie made her baby sister into and accouterment, too. Caroline went as a Fairy In Training -- complete with little booties and a head rag made of scraps tied with scraps.

They were both adorable. She was so proud! As she was only eight and being able to say, "I made it myself" was a big deal. And she looked so much more Tinkerbell-ish than the slick, store bought-winged fairies.

A Very Simple Costume

A great idea is to go as Static Cling. Wear a regular outfit, inside out is good! Using safety pins, attach socks and dryer sheets all over your clothes. Simple. Easy. Frugal. Funny as heck! I got howls of laughter when I did this one year.

Charlie Chaplain Remembered

For a school costume for my 7-year-old boy he went as Charlie Chaplain. I put him in a pair of his dress pants and a white long sleeve shirt. I bought a hat at a local costume shop and a pair of specks for $3.25. I got a used wooden cane and a bow tie for $1.75 at Goodwill. I penciled in a mustache and put on some makeup and he looked great!

He was a mummy for trick or treat. I bought an old sheet at the good will. Rubbed it in dirt and mud. Tore into strips and rapped around him. He wore a pair of long underwear underneath. I painted his hair white and his face was also. I smeared black under his eyes. To secure the sheet strips around him I used clear medical tape. Worked great. Use your imagination and it helps!

Send your best frugal costume ideas to with "Costumes" as the subject.

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