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Newlywed Wants Pressure Cooker Recipes

I'm getting married this year and need help with cooking. I'd like some recipes for my pressure cooker--the simpler the better.
Josie M.

Begin Looking At the Library for Pressure Cooker Recipes

I would check out your local library for recipe books for pressure-cooking. I assume you have experience with pressure cookers. They can be a wonderful accessory but you need to gather all the info you can on them. I'm not trying to scare you but you do need to know a little about them. An ill informed user could be buying trouble. So do your homework.

Something I have is an old recipe book that came with a set of encyclopedias from the 50's. I found these at a yard sale. Also, check with Grandma or mom or an older friend from church or work. They just might have what you're looking for. Like I said, they can be a wonderful addition. More people should use them since they are a great timesaver.

Words of Warning for Great Pressure Cooker Recipes

I have used a pressure cooker for years and I just love them. Just make sure to always keep the pressure relief valves clean and the rubber parts soft. It's only when the pressure relief valve gets clogged that you will have a problem.

Wonderful Pot Roast

1 boneless chuck roast (size to fit your cooker)
1 large onion cut into chunks
Several stalks celery cut into chunks
A handful of carrot chunks
2 bay leaves
Lowrey's season salt
Olive oil
Several potatoes cut into chunks

Pour some olive oil into pressure cooker to well coat bottom. Sear the roast on both sides. Then, throw veggies into pot as well as bay leaves. Sprinkle season salt on top. Pour water into pot to fill about 2/3 up the side of the pot. Bring up heat and let cook for about 30 minutes or until done.

At that time, I usually remove the roast to a platter for slicing or pulling apart and cook potato chunks in the pot juice. No pressure needed here. When the potatoes are done, I use either instant potatoes, or cornstarch to thicken the remaining juice--use this as gravy. Remember to discard the bay leaves.

One thing I do with this roast is to simply put the pot in the refrigerator overnight before cooking the potatoes. This brings all the fat to the top and hardens it. You can peel off all the fat and discard it making this meal much lower in fat.

This recipe can be made easily in different sizes to fit your family and cooker size. It also freezes well so cook plenty and freeze in meal size containers for later.

Another recipe I like to make in my pressure cooker is chicken and noodles. Here again, I put the pot in the refrigerator over night and remove all the fat. Use either whole chicken or chicken parts like leg quarters bought on sale of course. Amount of parts depends on the size of your cooker. A small cooker (4 qt.) can easily do 4 leg quarters.

Chicken and Noodles

1 large onion cut into small chunks
At least 1 "toe" of garlic (more if you like garlic)
3-4 stalks of celery cut into chunks
1 carrot cut into circle chunks
Chicken bouillon cubes (4 for a small cooker, more for a larger one)

Put chicken in pot; add veggies and bouillon cubes. Add water to 2/3 up the side of pot. Cook for about 20 min. or until meat falls off bones. Here, I take all the chicken out of the pot and de-bone. Put the meat back in the broth and here is where I refrigerate overnight. After peeling off all the fat, I bring the broth to boiling and add the noodles (or rice) and cook till done. No pressure needed. Add salt and pepper to taste. Other seasonings may be used according to your taste, but remember that the flavors will be stronger using the cooker.

Hope you enjoy using your cooker as much as I enjoy using mine.

Adapt Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker

Take any recipe and put it in your pressure cooker. Reduce the time it says to cook it to 1/3 of what it would take regularly. If it needs browning first, do that before putting the lid on. Keep at least 1 cup of water in the bottom while cooking, and don't turn the heat up too high so that it all boils out as steam or put extra water in.

Things won't brown after the lid is on unless they burn because the water is all boiled away as steam. Cook for only a third as long as you would in the regular recipe, with the little weight on the steam vent just jiggling, not blasting forth, and you will be OK. The little vent marker should show that there is actually pressure in the pot.

Cook potatoes 10 minutes instead of 30, roasts 1/2 to 3/4 hour instead of 1 1/2 to three hours, depending on size, and other things in proportion. Don't cook things that boil up with foam or it might clog the vents.

Never open it until the pressure goes down. You can put the whole pot under cold running water to hurry up the cooling process. If a huge roast is frozen, thaw it a few minutes in the microwave first.

Great Source for Pressure Cooker Recipes

I cook artichokes in the pressure cooker. I use two cups of water. I cook two or three artichokes at once in a four-quart pressure cooker. I also cook fresh beets after they are washed and cut into small pieces. When the beets are cooked I put the beet pieces into Seasoned Rice Vinegar and the beet pieces are delicious.

I will often buy beef chuck steaks and cook them in the pressure cooker with shredded fresh garlic and tomato paste diluted with water.

The Presto Pressure Cooker Co. publishes and sells an excellent pressure cooker book .

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