Halloween Costumes

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Original Costume Wins the Prize

When my daughter was in elementary school, she won a prize for the most original costume. She was a table set with food. My husband cut a hole in a piece of cardboard to go over my daughter's head. I cut a hole in a tablecloth (plastic is OK} and stapled it onto the cardboard. I then added play dishes, cups, utensils and food. She really looked cute.

"The Cereal Killer" Is Easy & Quick

Here's one that everyone laughs about: "The Cereal Killer" You wear a coat (preferably trench) and attach the little cereal boxes all over with safety pins and stick plastic knives through each box. There you have it - the cereal killer!

A Pair of Cuties

I did this set of costumes for my children a few years ago. The costumes turned out very cute, the kids loved them, they were not occult-ish in any way, and they were snapped up by another mom as soon as she found out we were not going to do Halloween costumes any more.

Deck of Cards

For each costume you will need:

  • two poster boards
  • nylon cord for shoulder straps
  • markers for coloring

Simply choose which playing card your child wishes to be and draw the front on one poster board and the back on the other. Put holes in the tops and sides for the nylon cord straps for the shoulders and ties for the sides in case it's breezy. The children wear them just like sandwich boards they used to use for walking advertisements.

This is great because the older children can pretty much make the costumes themselves as it is mostly drawing and coloring and tying cord. Make a day out of it with cookies and hot cider.

A Fun Bunch of Grapes

Here is an easy 'Bunch of Grapes' Costume:

  • 18-20 small purple balloons
  • 18-20 safety pins
  • 1 small brown paper bag
  • 1 pointy birthday party hat
  • 1 piece of green felt
  • 1 piece of green ribbon

Blow up all the balloons not too large as to fit on your child as the grapes. Pin on using safety pins. Using the paper bag, tape to under edges of hat and twist the top as to resemble the stem. Cut leaves from the felt and staple onto the green ribbon and tie around child's neck.

You may also paint your child's face purple or draw a few grapes on the cheeks.

Costumes from the Garden

Every year our church has a "Fall Fest". Instead of encouraging children to dress in the normal Halloween costumes, they have them dress up like something or someone from the Bible. One year my daughter went as Eve. She wore a sundress that she already had but we went out in the woods behind our house and collected large leaves from various trees and pinned them all over the dress so you could not see any of the underlying material. The only cost was a box of safety pins.

My younger daughter, who was only two at the time, dressed as the apple. She wore a red sweat suit and I bought two sheets of red poster board. I cut out a large apple shape with a bite taken out and made one to hang in the front of her and one for the back. They were connected with ribbon and hung over her shoulders. I cut out a red band to fit around the top of her head and used green construction paper to attach a "leaf" to the top. These two costumes were a big hit and only cost me about $4.00 for both of them.

Christmas Presents for Halloween?

Last year, I dressed our 3 kids up as Christmas presents! Use boxes you have around the house or from the local store, cut out holes for the head and arms. Wrap the boxes with leftover wrapping paper, wear sweats the same color as the wrapping paper, put some ribbons in the hair and voila'! A Halloween costume that only takes a few minutes to make and costs virtually nothing!

The Purple People Eater is Back

One year I went as a Purple People Eater. I dressed in purple sweats, jelled my hair so it stood up in a "horn" and drew an "eye" in the middle of my forehead with make-up. I topped it off with a necklace made of a plastic fork, knife and spoon tied on a shoelace around my neck. The costume got lots of laughs and I won the costume contest! I wore the sweats for several years after that Halloween so it was a cheap costume.

Don't Forget to Take Out the Trash

One Halloween, years ago, it was raining, as it often does on Halloween here in Michigan. My then 10-year-old son wouldn't even consider missing out on all the fun. Not wanting him to get completely soaked, I did some quick thinking and took a large trash bag, cut holes for legs, arms and face, tied it at the top and stapled bits of paper all over. I then set him out as a bag of trash! After his friends saw his "costume" they all wanted one just like it.

A Easy to Make Popcorn Box

I won second place at work at a large, well-known company. I went as a Box of Popcorn. I wore a large box with a cut just above my knee and holes cut for my head and arms. I painted the box all white. Then every half inch, I made red lines the length of box, front, sides and back. I stenciled in red letters, on an angle, the word "popcorn" and at the top I glued popcorn to the top, to give the effect of an overflowing box of popcorn.

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