6 Preventative Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Time and Money

by Betsy Sullivan

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"A stitch in time saves nine" is a wise old saying that I didn't really understand when I was young. I thought it had something to do with taking a stitch in hours or minutes. Now I realize that it means that if you catch something in time, it will save you from having to do more work later. In other words, if you mend a hole when it is small, it will prevent the hole from getting bigger.

A modern term for this concept is 'preventive maintenance'. Listed below are several ways to take a 'stitch in time'.

  • Cleaning out gutters can prevent ice dams and costly repairs.
  • Routinely cleaning under the refrigerator can prolong its life.
  • Changing the oil in a car every 3000 miles keeps your car's engine lasting longer.
  • Rotating car tires every 10,000 miles can prolong the life of the tires.
  • Cleaning out dryer hoses can increase efficiency and prevent fires.
  • Cleaning the sewing machine innards routinely with a small brush can keep it running smoothly.
  • Periodically bleeding radiators to make sure heaters are working efficiently can save on fuel bills.

Betsy Sullivan was a CPA for 17 years and writes a free monthly ezine called "Balancing Act" that helps people save money and simplify their lives. . Betsy and her husband Tom also write a free weekly ezine called "Snippets" which is devoted entirely to wise old sayings. To subscribe or view a sample of "Snippets", go to WiseOldSayings.com .

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