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How to Determine Your Net Worth

by Doris S. Dobkins

Have you ever sat down and figured out how much you are worth? I guarantee that if you have never done this exercise before, you will probably be surprised at your findings. Corporations regularly prepare balance sheets to determine their current net worth. Now's a good time to complete your own balance sheet and determine your net worth.

List the dollar value for each applicable item listed. Then add up your total assets, your total liabilities and subtract the liabilities from the assets to determine your net worth.

Tangible Assets

(When listing assets, don't put your equity or subtract what you owe. Just put the value of the item.)

  • Residence $
  • Vacation home $
  • Furnishings $
  • Automobiles $
  • Rental Real Estate $
  • Art, Jewelry or other valuables $

Equity Assets

  • Stocks $
  • Equity Mutual Funds $
  • Variable Annuities $
  • Limited Partnerships $
  • Business Interests $

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Fixed Principal Assets

  • Fixed Dollar Annuities $
  • Trust Deeds $
  • Other Fixed Principal Assets $

Debt Assets

  • U.S. Govt. Bonds and Agency Securities $
  • Municipal Bonds $
  • Corporate Bonds $
  • Face Amount Certificates $
  • Debt Mutual Funds $

Cash and Cash Equivalents

  • Checking Accounts $
  • Savings Accounts $
  • Money Market Funds $
  • Certificates of Deposit $
  • Other Cash Reserve Accounts $


(Add your tangibles, equity, fixed principal, debt assets and cash assets)


  • Home mortgage $
  • Other mortgage $
  • Automobile Loans $
  • Bank Loans $
  • Personal Loans $
  • Charge Account Debt $
  • Other Debts $

TOTAL Liabilities $

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  • Total Assets: $
  • Total Liabilities: $
  • Net Worth: $

(Subtract your liabilities from your assets)

Are you surprised at your Net Worth? Is it higher or lower than you thought? What would you like your Net Worth to be in five years? In 10 years? What changes do you need to make to reach your financial goals?

calculator iconCalculate: What's My Net Worth?

When you put the numbers on paper, it provides a very clear picture of where you stand with your finances. Time will increase some assets and diminish others. If you want to increase your Net Worth, it is important to identify the areas that are increasing in value (such as real estate or home equity) and minimize the areas that lose value such as automobiles, furniture, etc.

Go ahead, fill in the numbers and determine where you stand today. You'll never get where you want to go unless you find your starting point and map out a plan. This is a good first step.

Reviewed January 2018

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