Providing Adult Daycare

Starting an Adult Daycare: How Do I Do It?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me or direct me to information on what qualifications are required to start an in-home adult daycare? I've found many articles on the web for child daycare, but none for adults.

Starting an Adult Daycare: Check Out Division of Aging

I would check with your area Division of Aging to begin with. Also a local Senior Center might have some suggestions for resources as well. Some hospitals have resource centers that might be able to either provide you with the information either directly or point you in the right direction. The other place that I would check would be a college/university with an eldercare center/geriatrics department.

Starting an Adult Daycare: Resources to Check Out

I work in a university gerontology center, so I am aware of a few resources related to aging. If you are planning to start an in-home day care for adults I would start with contacting your county or state department of Health and Environment (it will have varying names depending on the state).

In some states there may be specific regulations related to in-home day care. They may also have some written materials on items to think about and/or things which need to be done to your home. Or, they may be able to give you a list of registered adult day care providers in your area with whom you could visit or who may be willing to give you assistance in getting started.

Is there an adult day care in a local nursing facility, senior center or hospital? If so, would they allow you to visit or be willing to give you some guidelines to assist you? Is there a small business development center in your area, perhaps at a university or college, which may be able to assist you in searching for resources?

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has a number of publications on a variety of topics, and almost all are free if you request just one copy. You can do a search on their website to find items on this topic at You are not required to be a member of AARP in order to request of catalog of publications or to request one copy of publications.

Starting an Adult Daycare: Items to Look Into

Ideas for looking into the qualifications for a home adult daycare.

No. 1. You would need to know if there are zoning regulations that would prevent you from operating this type of service,

No. 2. The state department that provides services to seniors and/or disabled individuals would probably be able to furnish you with the legal requirements,

No. 3. You would need to know what kind of liability insurance you will need,

No. 4. You would need to speak with your local fire marshal to find out what kind of fire codes your home must meet to provide this service,

No. 5. A reference librarian might be able to help you locate books on operating this type of business.

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I am sure there are many more aspects of this that I have not thought of that might need to be addressed. Probably the State Department for Senior Services might be able to help you find reference materials on considerations you will need to think about in establishing an adult day care.

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