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Legitimate Work-at-Home Jobs?

Are there any reputable "for real" work at home offers out there? I have a toddler, and was working fulltime, and well, the rat race got to be too much, with daycare costs, clothing, etc. We need the income, though, and I am proficient in typing and word processing with emphasis on medical transcription. Would appreciate anyone's feedback or ideas.
Patricia in NC

Medical Transcription Works At Home

Medical transcription is the best job for a stay-at-home Mom. I have been doing this for the past year, and made $13,000 working approximately 20-25 hours per week. I took a course from CareerStep.com and then worked as a subcontractor for someone locally. CareerStep offers job placement assistance (for a fee), and I have a friend who took the course and started work through the job placement assistance they gave. My start up costs included the course ($750 when I purchased it), which took me approximately 4 months to complete. I already had the computer and word processing programs, but had to purchase medical spellchecker and a medical expander program which allows you to type much faster, then a good medical dictionary. It is a great job that is flexible and pays well and is interesting. I was a Human Resource Director in my "other life" before having a 1-1/2 pound premature baby, but learned the medical transcription fast and have always been a fast typist (i.e. 80 words per minute). I am sure there are bad schools out there, but my boss said the course I took did give me a good basis in the field.

Web Sites for Medical Transcription

I am a single mom, and I work from home as a medical transcriptionist. I began working from home to spend more time with my son, as my commute time was 1.5 hours every day. When I began, my mom watched him all the time, but now that he is older (4.5), he runs back and forth between our homes while I am working, and I work at night while he is asleep. I also tried two daycares in between, both of which left me greatly dissatisfied. I work about six hours a day and I have lots of time to spend with my child.

As for reputable companies, I persuaded my employer to allow me to become an independent contractor. You may want to check with physicians' offices, hospitals, or transcription firms locally. A website to check out is www.ahdionline.org, The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

Both of these have job listings and links to reputable companies. Also, I would suggest reading the book, The Independent Medical Transcriptionist by Avila-Weil and Glaccum. The AAMT also has a journal, which has many ads for companies hiring workers from home.

Try Asking At Hospitals

She can subscribe to WorkAtHomeMoms.com. They are always listing jobs for medical transcriptionists. Or perhaps with her local hospital. If it is a teaching hospital they usually will hire people to do it at home, and eventually you will get an uplink directly to the department you transcribe for. I had a friend do it for 18 months. She said you have to be really dedicated to set the time, otherwise you get behind just like you were at a real job!

Finding Work Not Hard

I work at home as a medical transcriptionist. I did it, of course, at an office and a hospital first. If you have experience at this, you should have no difficulty finding an at home job. You will be surprised at all the big companies hiring. Check out: mtdaily.com.

More work-at-home opportunities

Check Out the Newspapers

Believe it or not, I found a work-at-home position in my local newspaper! It seemed to be legitimate, so I called. It was for typing building inspector reports. It worked out well for me for nine months until I moved too far away. (I had to go into the office every day to drop off yesterday's work and pick up today's.) I saw another ad in my new neighborhood for a treasurer for the village, also work-at-home. So, try there! The one thing I have tried to avoid is any company that requests an up-front payment before providing you with companies that hire at-home workers. I also avoid the stuffing envelopes ones - you generally only get paid for the envelopes that are returned to the company. (You are usually sending out advertising and you only get paid for the ones that are sent back for more info.)

Another thing you might want to try is to solicit local companies for secretarial work. I thought about doing this but have not actually done it. Put together a little package of what you can do and then just offer your services. You can also look in the services area of your local classifieds and call people who already advertise this service to see if you can form some sort of partnership or you can work for that person somehow.

To Get Started

I would recommend you go to: dotcommommies.com. They have a wealth of opportunities and links to other work at home sites. You still have to research the company when they answer your reply but you can find work here if you are serious about working from home. I work from home myself and have made some good contacts with this site.

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Networking Key

I am a Virtual Assistant. I provide secretarial and administrative support services to small business professionals. I also have a friend that does medical/legal transcription from home on an overflow basis.

These kinds of businesses are easy to start. Most of my research for setting up came from the Staffcentrix site on the Internet. There was a small charge to become a member but for me it was well worth it. I get all of my clients from networking. I joined several networking groups and now I have had to scale down to just one or two because in 10 short months my part time business has become full time and then some. BNI (Business Networking International) has chapters all over Canada and the US as well as other countries around the world and your local Chamber of Commerce is also another great place to start.

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