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A Treasure Hunt

A number of years ago my husband and I went on a Treasure Hunt for our anniversary. First off we were both on a budget. We each only had $20 to spend. Being Frugal was half the fun and with dollar stores you can still do it reasonably. We ended our Treasure Hunt at a motel for the night. It works well for the husband who needs direction as to what you might like for Valentine's Day. Besides lots of small presents are fun to open. It also leaves you know just how much your partner pays attention to you and what you like personally.

The other time we played this game we did it as we were on our way to our motel so we were limited to where we could shop. We stopped at a small mall. That way we could each shop in different stores. We both were given a large envelope with small envelopes inside. The large envelope also included a letter as to the specifics of the game. We each had the same number of envelopes to open. Number 1 might say, "Buy your spouse her favorite candy bar" Number two might have said, "Find a pair of underwear you would like to see your spouse model for you." Number Three "Buy a card that tells your spouse exactly what your feelings for her are." Number four might read "Stop at the grocery store and buy strawberries and whipped cream."

If you are staying at home you can make a treasure map and hide the gifts for each to find. I think we will use a large basket and put all our gifts in the basket and then close our eyes and pick a prize. The ideas are endless but this is a good game to keep in touch with each other. Also you can make it as romantic or as sexy as you dare. By the way, this spring will be our 30th wedding anniversary. We are proof that keeping in touch with each other makes it work.
Carol C.

Special Valentine Lunch

When my children were younger I'd pack them special Valentine's lunchboxes (& one for Dear Husband at work). It was easy to prepare & plan ahead. I'd make sandwiches cut out with a heart shaped cutter (I'd save the leftover bits for my lunch!), plain cake iced with pink passion fruit icing & again cut out into heart shapes, and in a little lidded plastic container I'd make individual servings of red Jell-O with a small heart shaped chocolate set in it.

Some vegetables e.g. carrot slices can also be stamped out with mini heart shaped cutters. All this was nicely packed, with a little love note included to each person. Extra little Valentine chocolates could be included & matching themed serviette etc. It was a big hit & even the school principal noticed & made favourable comments!

A Heart Attack

Give your loved one, or your friends, or your neighbors a "Heart Attack" Cut out hearts from construction paper or cardstock. Bake some heart shaped cookies and decorate them. Write a note saying "You have just been given a heart attack by someone who loves you." Sign the note or not. Sneak up to the door, tape the hearts to the door, or the porch, car windows, etc. Leave the plate of cookies. If you dare, ring the doorbell and run. You could also attach some balloons or other small treats. I got this idea from I have tried it out myself, and it is lots of fun.
Howellie in Sandy, Utah.

Even More Than Last Year

A few years ago, my husband and I bought beautiful Valentine's Day cards for one another. I get them out every year and we put a new message in them. We have added additional stationary over the years, but hang onto the same cards. It is fun to look back over the years and see how we've grown closer. It is also fun not to spend $10 on cards every year.
Dawn J.

Special Heart

I saw this idea in a Pack-o-fun magazine and tried it. It's a great idea. If you have any leftover peppermint candy canes or round discs, you can turn them into Valentine treats. Use a metal heart cookie cutter and arrange pieces of the candy within the heart shape on a cookie sheet (I sprayed a little vegetable spray on my sheet to keep it from sticking).

Heat your oven to 350 degrees. When oven is hot, put cookie sheet into oven for 5-6 minutes. The peppermints will melt together in the shape of a heart and can be gently removed from the sheet, allowed to cool and then you have a really cute Valentine treat. Package it up, use some pretty ribbon and it becomes a special treat for your Valentine. They turned out great!

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From the Heart

The most liked valentine my husband received from me what a sheet of paper in which I wrote what all I love about him and all the reasons why I love him.

This was a treasure greater than any card and it is a gift that can uplift one during any time of the year.

Hmm, it may be great to give your children too!
Merrie VonS.

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