Insider Report: Your Wardrobe

by Donna V.

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I am a men's fashion consultant and provide custom clothing. Here's a few tips on buying clothes, either for men or women. Think about your closet. Look at the items you never wear. Add up their value or what you paid. I would guess there are hundreds of dollars sitting there. Why did you buy them? They were on sale, or a good price, or a salesperson said you looked good in them, or you meant to return them, but never got around to it. But you don't wear them, for lots of reasons, but it doesn't really matter.

When you shop you should only buy what you love, what is totally comfortable, and what goes with the rest of your wardrobe. This is where a fashion consultant comes in. Custom clothes may sound outrageous now, but let's talk again in ten years when you are still wearing those suits! If you buy like I am suggesting, there won't be any clothes you don't wear! (Unless you change sizes, of course.)

Whether you buy custom or not, it is extremely important to have a plan around color, and only buy what you absolutely love. You, not anyone else. Never buy on impulse. And most importantly, only buy what is absolutely comfortable. When you try on something, it should be like something you have worn forever. You should bond with it immediately!

Another thing: pay attention to the clothes that get you compliments. Those clothes are your colors. Wear more of these colors!

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