An Inexpensive Hobby

by Christiane Eichler

As you may know from experience, there are expensive, and inexpensive hobbies. Some can be expensive, but don't need to be.

One very inexpensive hobby is tatting. All you need is one or two shuttles (depending on the pattern), and a ball of thread. Of course even tatting can be an expensive hobby if you buy silver shuttles, and think you need all the colors of thread and all the books that are around. But basically tatting is inexpensive, and I'll tell you how.

  1. Buy only one ball of thread at a time. Tatting uses much less thread than crochet, so a ball of 50 g will make several doilies, or many yards of edging. To start out use a no. 10 or no. 20 crochet thread.
  2. Go to the library to get patterns. Or surf the Internet! There are many patterns out for free.
  3. Make several items of the same pattern. You will work faster the second time, and you can use the leftovers of the previous item to start working the next. Extras will be handy as gifts or can be sold.
  4. If you can't tat, and want to learn, again, go to the Internet. There are many classes out there. If you can't learn without a teacher, maybe you can trade with someone to teach you tatting.
  5. Buy a shuttle with a pick, or hook, and you won't need a crochet hook for joins.
  6. Buy a shuttle with a spool, and buy extra spools. This way you can load several spools at a time, or work with different threads/colors. Spools are less expensive than regular shuttles.
  7. Use your tatting to make inexpensive gifts, maybe even sell your work. This way you may make enough money to buy tatting books or even make a few extra bucks.
  8. If you are just starting to tat - one shuttle is enough for you. Beginners' patterns are made with a shuttle, or with shuttle and ball. You will need the second shuttle only after you have some experience working with one shuttle.
  9. Even men can tat! (it is a form of knotting)

I hope that this made some of you curious.

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