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Barney Toddler Birthday Party

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Barney Themed Birthday Party: Help With Costs

I am planning a Barney theme party for my daughter's 2nd birthday this summer. I am renting a Barney entertainer, but would love any suggestions on how to keep all the other expenses to a minimum (food, decorations, activities, goodie bags), while sticking to the theme as much as possible.

Barney Themed Birthday Party: Try A Do-It-Yourself Party

I had a Barney theme party for my son's one-year birthday last year. I went to and downloaded all kinds of pictures to make a banner, stickers, invitations, and even coloring pages. I gave each child a brown paper bag to decorate with crayons and my home made Barney stickers. They also had Barney, Baby Bop and BJ pages to color.

The one thing I spent a little money on was a toddler friendly Barney piñata, in which each child held a string and everyone pulled at the same time. They filled their homemade bags with the candy and prizes. Dollar stores are also great for piñata fillers.
Good luck and have fun!

Barney Themed Birthday Party: Inexpensive Treats

One way to save on paper "Barney" products is maybe purchasing all purple items, plates, forks, napkins & goodie bags. You can save right there instead of it buying the Barney products. They have dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets you can get at a warehouse, i.e. Sam's, and then purchase French fries. What child doesn't love nuggets and fries?

For some games ideas, there's pin the tail on Barney. Trace a Barney figure on some construction paper and then color it and make a tail for each child. You can also get a Barney color book and maybe give one child a page and they have to color it blind folded and who ever does the best at staying in lines gets a prize.

Barney Themed Birthday Party: Make Your Own Cake

One thing I might suggest would be to make your own cake, cupcakes would work well here too, (I know, you've heard this a million times) but with some white icing mixed with red and blue food coloring you could create a great purple cake. You could also make the actual cake part green, or purple again, to further along the theme. It's been awhile since we had the Barney stage at my house but I remember all those songs he is so famous for. That would be great for the activities.

As for decorations, some purple and green streamers and balloons, all up high with toddlers around of course. You could very inexpensively print out some Barney theme coloring pages or blow up some on a copier to decorate and hang around. Look at some of the Barney items at the store and try to copy them.

Lastly, I've seen some inexpensive Barney coloring books at either Wal-Mart or Dollar General that would work well as a goodie with a couple crayons. One small suggestion, Barney is great on TV for kids, but in person he may be a little overwhelming for toddlers. So try to introduce him from far away at first and gradually bring him into the scene. We were just at an Easter egg hunt this weekend and there were more crying kids than laughing because of the "scary" Easter bunny: Have a great time--get lots of pictures!

Barney Themed Birthday Party: Check Out the Craft Section

Try using just purple and green balloons and writing Barney and the other characters names on them in magic marker. I would make cupcakes and frost them in the colors used for each of the characters. You can make you own frosting cheap and know that there are not a lot of preservatives that some kids are allergic to in your goodies. Not only do you not have to worry about kids handling spoons and forks, you have less cleanup when they toss the cupcake wrapper.

If you want, you can probably find some inexpensive cupcake wrappers in the Barney theme at a local party supply store. They might have small colored drink cups and trinket packs that are inexpensive as well. You can get clear and colored goody bags at a place like that too or sometimes at Wal-Mart in the craft section around the Wilton display. Look there while you're picking up some food coloring to make your icing with. I helped do Blues Clues this way for my Godson last October. It was a real hit and we only spent about $40 for 18 children and 22 adults. We bought the candy and toys for the bags at the Dollar Tree.

Barney Themed Birthday Party: Picture a Remembered Treat

I also had a "Barney" party for my son's second birthday. As a party favor, we had a Polaroid picture taken of each child with Barney and put this in their goody bag. It became a prized possession of most of the children attending. That was seven years ago and we still get comments about it.

Barney Themed Birthday Party: Web Site for Birthday Parties

This has been a very helpful site for me: I am very much into theme parties of any age.

Reviewed February 2018

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