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I was wondering if anyone knew how to make pore strips (like Biore or Pond's) or anything else that would pull the blackheads and dirt right out?

Solution From Malaysia

I don't have the answer to making pore strips, but if its blackheads you want removed then I know something to help. Take some sandalwood powder. Where I come from in Malaysia, this can be bought from Indian sundry shops for 50 cents a packet. Mix a little of the sandalwood powder with tap water till it is a thick paste and spread onto face. Then rub on face with fingers - especially at the blackhead prone areas. Rinse off with tap water.

You'll be amazed how clean and smooth your face will be. I repeat this weekly and it keeps the blackheads away. If you can't seem to get sandalwood powder where you live then use ground chickpea (powder) instead.

Toothpaste for More Than Teeth

Put toothpaste in the problem area while you are sleeping. In the morning, wash well with cold water and apply a slice of cucumber for freshness. It has the same effect as those pore pads. Don't use the toothpaste if your skin is too dry because this is very abrasive. But if it is oily or you have acne, this produces great results.

Milk of Magnesia for Upset Skin

I know of a great way to rid yourself of blackheads. Take Milk of Magnesia (the cheap non-brand name stuff, you won't be taking it internally) and spread a thin layer over blackhead problem areas, let dry and wash off with a damp washcloth. Do this once or twice a week and you won't need those pore strips and it doesn't hurt like them either!

Egg Lining Makes a Great Mask

I'm from Kentucky and my mother taught me this trick to heal pimples. I began using it for problem (oily, blackhead) areas and it works well.

First wash your face with warm water to open the pores and make extraction easier. Crack open a raw egg and remove (tear) a piece of the fine translucent lining (skin) between the albumin and the shell. This "liner" is a purifier for the chicken embryo. Its job is to draw out impurities away from the egg sack. It also works well to draw out unwanted oil and dirt.

Place the inner egg side of this skin (not the one that lines the shell) on your nose, across your chin or just small enough to cover a pimple. Let it dry and as it dries it will pull the blackheads, additional oil and dirt into the egg skin. Dab with warm water to remove.

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It will not peal like a Biore strip. It will just roll off. The egg lining is much more sturdy in the organic/non-antibiotic treated eggs verses the supermarket variety which tend to have thinner shells and less pliable linings. Hope this inexpensive alternative helps you!

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