Lawn Sheds

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Lawn Sheds?

I am in need of a storage shed for lawn equipment and bikes. My husband is handy - but not good with design. I, of course, would love a beautiful wood shed designed to match our home perfectly. But I will settle for anything that isn't an eyesore and will protect our equipment. Can anyone help with suggestions (where to find "used" shed, kits, plans, etc....)

Local High School Projects

I don't know if this is an option for the reader who needed a shed, but this is what we did. One of the local high schools has the kids in the woodworking class do projects for people to give them real world experience. All you need to do is pay for the materials (which they buy at a discount as they're a school), and the labor is free. One of the most popular items the kids make is sheds.

We had them make us an 8' x 8' shed and it cost us about $250 (Canadian). We have to paint it, but it will still be much cheaper and easier than buying/building one ourselves. We also had them replace our front stairs, and a friend of ours had them build her a linen closet.

Check out your local high schools. Maybe they have a program like this.

Find Lawn Shed Plans Online

One of my husband's favorite sites is: It has a plan for an 8' X 10' tool storage shed (with loft storage). The plans are available for download to your computer, though there is a cost for it. You can also order a print copy of the plan.They have all kinds of great woodworking plans as well as some woodworking help and links to other woodworking sites.

Being Resourceful

My son built us a wonderful shed that matches our house. We used no plans; instead, here's how we designed it. First we decided on the size, in our case, 8 X 12. The height was determined by zoning restrictions and common sense. My son laid a cement block foundation and then put up the shed on top of that. To make it look like the house, he used the same type of materials for siding (in our case, board and batten) and purchased doors and windows.

Check Out Lawn Shed Kits

You could go to the local building supply store or a hardware store. They have kits to put together. All the lumber is precut and you even get the shingles for the roof.

Check Out the Library for Lawn Shed Plans

I was just at the library and they have lots of books with different plans in them. Most has "Outdoor Projects" somewhere in the title.

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