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I need help on office/guest room. I have a room already set up as an office with PC, built-in bookshelves and a big table. This room needs to be used as a guestroom, too. We have guests visit us every couple of months throughout the year (sometimes a family of 3 or 4).

The problem is bedding. I have a sofa sleeper (uncomfortable), a queen-sized bed, and a single bed. Right now, I have the sofa sleeper in this room, but would like to get rid of it, since it's not comfortable to sleep in. I'd like to keep above two beds for future use. Do you have any ideas? To utilize this room as office/guest room without crowding it and creating too much expense?
Thank you.

Buy A Pad for the Sleeper

One suggestion is to keep the sleeper sofa, as it is the most functional and buy a foam pad to put on top for the guests. We did this and it is easy to store the pad and is unbelievably comfortable with just the addition of a good pad like the hospital foam pads at about $20 for a dense one.

Go with Futon or Murphy Beds

We have done the same, making a spare bedroom into a computer room. We bought a Futon bed that makes up into a couch. We bought the best futon mattress we could get for it. It is very comfortable to sleep on (guests love it and so do we). It does not take up as much space in the room as a hide-a-bed couch, even when folded out into a bed.

Another option is a Murphy bed. This type bed fastens to the wall and takes up very little space when folded up into the cabinet. The bed drops down for use. It is much more expensive than the futon bed and is more permanent. Our neighbor has one of these and likes it very much.

Into the Closet

We made the closet into a hide-away office by installing shelves, electricity, phone and cable (for modem). We found an inexpensive desk at Ikea and installed 3 shelves purchased at Home Depot. The entire cost of the project is about $500.00. Now we are able to close our office when we use the room as a den or guestroom. We have a sleeper sofa, TV, bookcases and coffee table in a 10 x 12 room (not to mention the entire office with printers, fax, and phone computer and desk).

Consider a Day Bed

You might consider setting up a day bed in your office. When you do not have guests, the day bed can be used as a sofa and can certainly be dressed up or down as you choose. When you are entertaining guests, they will have a comfortable bed to sleep upon. A day bed could be as simple as a bed with no headboard (nor footboard) with a simple cover and a few throw pillows scattered upon it. If you want something more elegant, you can make or find (at a yard sale) a couple of headboards and attach them to both ends of the bed, perhaps cover them with used curtain or upholstery material. I'm sure your imagination will lead you to creating a lovely bed alternative for your office/guestroom.

Replace Sofa with Twin

I have a few ideas on how Patrick can have his office double as a guestroom. He said his sleeper sofa is uncomfortable. Replacing the mattress might help, but it is not the least expensive solution. A better way might be to remove the sofa, replacing it with the twin bed. The bed can be put up against one wall, sofa style, with plenty of pillows or bolsters to be the "new sofa's" back.

The queen-size bed can be utilized as a bed. Now the room can sleep three with no problem. If space for a fourth guest is needed, an air mattress or old twin mattress could be kept on the floor underneath either one of the beds.

Utilizing the closet space as a built-in desk area can create floor space for these two beds. The doors can be removed and a large shelf can be installed to span the space. The existing closet shelf can be utilized and additional shelves can be installed for storage space. Small file cabinets can be used underneath the desk to provide drawer space.

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