Reading for the New Investor

Help for the New Investor: Where Do I Start?

I really need some help in books or articles on investing. I'm talking the basics. I would like to try and understand all the term as well as options for investing for retirement and the stock market. Most books are difficult and I would rather not use a broker or a financial planner due to their fee.
Can you suggest any info for me? Thank you.

Help for the New Investor: Resources on the Internet

Being new at investing myself, I have just been through the process of trying to decipher all those investing terms, etc. I recommend Investing For the Future by Larry Burkett that is available from and Sound Mind Investing by Austin Pryor that is available from The information in these books is very easy to understand. They do include a Biblical perspective (some might mind that), but are the best at explaining the basics that I've found and have very reliable information.

For a completely secular viewpoint, try Money Magazine's online "Money 101" at
T. T.

Help for the New Investor: The Motley Fool

Run; don't walk, to The Motley Fool, that is. Great place to start with friendly discussion boards to communicate with other new investors and recommended books to get the new investor started. In fact, I first heard about from The Motley Fool's discussion board entitled Living Below Your Means (LBYM)!

Help for the New Investor: Recommended Books

I recommend Suzie Orman's books as very good for the person wanting to get their financial life in order and know how to start investing wisely. Nine Steps to Financial Freedom and The Courage to Be Rich are two of her most popular titles. A good place or website to find and buy used books at a very reasonable cost is

Help for the New Investor: Try This Book

I highly recommend the book Chicks Laying Nest Eggs by Karin Housley. She has pooled the knowledge she's gained from lots of those books you're reluctant to read, presents the basics so clearly that you can't help but understand them, provides lots of examples, and does it all in such an entertaining way. I've read several books and this is by far the best one for the novice investor.

Help for the New Investor: Recommended Sites to Visit

A very good site to check is You can learn about stocks, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. What is a price/earnings ratio, how can you find the hidden fees and why will you lose in the long run using a managed fund? Plus several discussion boards to post your questions on. Two more excellent sites are Check them all out. It won't cost you a thing.

Help for the New Investor: On Line Training Class

I was in the same boat up until just a couple of weeks ago. Then I took one of those free online classes from I learned so much! I took a class about women and finance. It really did help me understand things better. Both the class instruction and the required reading were excellent for beginners. I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but go check out for their online classes!

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